Getting Fluffy With It! Learn More About Cloth Diapers

If you have been reading Formula Mom for a while, you know that we were a cloth diapering family for quite a while. Now we’re more of a mix but we lean towards disposable based on W’s size and the fact that very few of his cloth diapers fit him anymore. But I’m still a cloth diapering mama at heart and last night I may have discovered a night time solution for us that kept his pajamas and the bed dry! I put W in a Huggies Overnight diaper covered by a stuffed AppleCheeks size 2! I plan to continue this experiment over the next few nights!

AppleCheeks cloth diapers

With Earth Day on the horizon, all things green are on my mind including cloth diapers! I wanted to share some great posts on cloth diapers from some of my favorite blogs! You can also check out of all the information on Cloth Diapering at Formula Mom!

Friday Five: Getting Fluffy With It! Learn More About Cloth Diapers

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 Do you use cloth diapers? Do you have a favorite type of cloth diaper or a favorite brand?