Mother to Be… Again

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This Mother’s Day, Angel Soft has asked me to think about strength and softness in a series of sponsored posts. And it has been an easy topic for me because I am blessed to have my mother living with me and helping me raise my family. I shared how her strength inspires me and I’m even more thankful for her now because we will need all the extra hands we can get. I’m a mother to be… again!

Mother To Be ... Again

Mother to Be… Again

It’s official! We are expecting baby #2 near the end of this year. We decided that the timing felt right to start trying and we were blessed to conceive quickly just as we did with W. So it made this Mother’s Day just a bit more special because I knew that our little family had already grown again.

Now I have a little less than 6 months to figure out how to be a mom to 2! It’s been a very different experience then my first pregnancy. I have been far more tired (no afternoon naps after work this time around) and I have been nauseous for about 2 months. With W, I had a funky taste in my mouth throughout most of the pregnancy but I only had a few bouts of nausea. We shall see what that might mean for us!

New Mom To Be Again!

Being a mom has brought me such amazing joy. I never imagined how blessed I would feel. To know that I’m doing it all again is an amazing feeling. I cannot wait to experience my love for another child. My love for W is so powerful that I’ll admit I’m not sure how my heart will handle another little one. It’s definitely going to grow more than I ever imagined!

Although I know more of what to expect this time around, I can’t help but wonder how my two pregnancies will compare. So far they have gotten off to very different starts. And I also have a stream of questions that seems to keep my mind going.

  • How will I handle a newborn and an almost 3-year old?
  • Will I have two in diapers or will W be using the potty by November?
  • How will W react to the new baby?
  • Do I want to cloth diaper again?
  • Will breastfeeding be more successful this time?

And on and on! But the best part is that I know everything will work out the way it should. We will figure it all out just as we did with W. I am a strong mother who can handle anything! But I am looking forward to those softer moments that are ahead. I cannot wait to have two little loves to cuddle on winter mornings!

Any mom words of advice to share?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Angel Soft. I was compensated for this post however all thoughts and experiences are my own.


  1. says

    Transitioning from 1 to 2 was the easiet transition for me. My oldest was one month shy of 3 years old when I had #2. He did not seem phased by having a new baby in the house and did not have any sort of regression. In fact it helped him because as soon as I brought the baby home, he wanted to start potty training! Good Luck to you and I will pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery.
    I think with #2 you no longer sweat the small stuff and just go with the flow! You know in the end everyone will be fine.
    Kelly Hess recently posted..All 4 Fun Sweepstakes

    • Mariah says

      Kelly, W will be a month shy of 3 also. He likes babies so I’m hoping he doesn’t mind one coming to stay!

      And I have noticed, I’m more mellow this time around. Nothing seems to phase me much. I just know it will all work out!

  2. mommydee says

    someone told me this when I had my first and at first I almost took offence to it but now that I have 2 I have had to remind myself of this little piece of advice…more than once! LOL “Remember, a baby never died from crying”
    Congrats, just wait, as soon as the 2nd little one arrives you will find that you have grown another heart so they will each have one! :)

  3. says

    You will do great! My best advice is don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It takes time to adjust with two of them. Allow yourself enough time to get places because you are going to always be late! And go with the flow! You got this! :)
    Leila recently posted..Children Medicine Safety

  4. says

    I am expecting my third at the end of summer and my 3 & 5 year olds are so excited. My first two are only 18 months apart and my daughter will be turning four about the time our bonus baby will be born. I was worried with Austin that there would be jealousy when my #2 was born but there was not. We tried to let him be hands on and cuddle with “his” baby and I tried my hardest not to focus strictly on the new baby because he was still so young.

    I know it will be amazing for your family and W! Hang in there and hopefully you will feel better soon!
    Amanda recently posted..Four Simple Tips to Clean Your Eyeglasses

  5. Jena says

    Congrats! We’re expecting baby #2, too. My first ultrasound predicted Nov 7 as our due date, but my calendar (however reliable that is this time around) says Halloween-ish. I think it may be even earlier than that, as my first was born a week earlier than my calendar indicated, and I’ve already been feeling baby flutters for over a week. And that is one active baby….

    My daughter, who will be 2.5 next month, is all about babies these days, though when you ask her if she wants to have a baby live with us, she’s inconsistent with her answers. And she thinks she has a baby growing inside her, too, because she knows Mommy does. It’s so very cute. My nausea hasn’t been as bad with pregnancy #2, but I got the dysgeusia (funky taste) again. It’s worse after I eat dairy, which is unfortunate, as I’m totally unwilling to give up ice cream. :)

  6. Carrie Phelps says

    What an amazing Mother’s Day gift, congrats to each of you. It sounds like my advice is not needed as you already do it … my advice would be to take advantage of grandparents that want to be active participants in raising your children. I am fortunate enough that I babysit all three of my grandchildren. This helps my daughter greatly and I feel great knowing my grandchildren are safe, loved & well cared for.

  7. Rhian says

    Don’t worry about making noises while your baby sleeps…that way they can sleep through anything when they are older.

  8. says

    Congratulations! How exciting for you and your family :) I can only suggest to learn the words “thank you” – and use them when people say “here, let me help”. You might feel like you should and/or can do it all but there’s no reason to run yourself ragged on top of all the hormones, lack of sleep, and changes to your body. Just say yes! :)
    Liza @ Views From the ‘Ville recently posted..The Thomas the Train Tour is Chugging Into Louisville!

  9. michelle oakley warner says

    my best advice is always try to snag at least five minutes away a day to yourself so you can catch your breathe, make a call, or something just for you. you time is a big must

  10. Anna C. says

    My oldest was a few months shy of 3 when her brother was born. We never really had a problem and don’t till this day. Breastfeeding was so much easier with my son he latched on right after birth and stayed there for an hour. He still likes cuddling there now.

    My piece of advice would be let other people help you that will actually help and not cause you more stress in the beginning. Also let the older one help out. that helped a lot in our home.

  11. Amanda Alvarado says

    Congrats! My only advice is to make sure you include your ds in helping out! It will make him feel included and not left out!

  12. says

    Wow, this is a hard one… I think that my piece of advice to mothers is to try to live in the moments with your children. I take LOTS of pictures of my three kiddos but I found that I was investing too much effort and time into getting perfect pictures of everything we did that it detracted from the moment itself. Now, I still DO take pictures but I try to only take a few at the beginning and then enjoy the rest of the time with them. :) I’m still learning how this who mothering thing works so I will for sure be coming back to read everyone else’s advice comments..
    Jessica A recently posted..Baby Food 101 :: NUK Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker

  13. Alyce Poalillo says

    Let your child develop their own personality and beliefs and likes etc-not yours-let them be themselves. Live by example teaching them right from wrong.

  14. Margaret Smith says

    The best advise my mom gave is to treat others as I would like to be treated and when someone has a problem, try to really listen to them and not to give too much advise.

  15. Susan Christy says

    Sorry, I have never had a baby, so no good advice from me. Just love them, and sing and read to them. My nieces and nephews always loved that when they were little.

  16. Kathleen says

    My advice, well my moms advice to me was always no one is perfect and you will make mistakes but its ok and its just part of being human and a mom.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  17. Starr Greenwell says

    Congratulations and God Bless. Always try to live in the present and enjoy each moment with your children, they pass fast enough.

  18. Ann Fantom says

    The best advice my mom ever gave me is to be my own person and don’t let people influence my judgement or decisions.

  19. shelly peterson says

    congratulations! Although no two pregnancies are alike at least now you know some what of what to expect so it wont be as hard or nerve racking the second time around. You will definitely be finding it harder to get stuff done, but dont sweat the small stuff, when you can try and find time for yourself! now you will have double the joy!

  20. Lorena Keech says

    I’m not a mom myself but my mother was the best, and she just supported me in everything I did. She could be stern when necessary but always loving.

  21. Stephanie Larison says

    Don’t try to let other mothers bully you into parenting their way, or make you feel that you’re doing it all wrong. What works for one family isn’t going to work perfectly for another. Do what you feel is best for your family, your own way. The sweet little moments go by so fast, only surround yourself with people who give you positive energy and support you 100%. I wish someone had told me this when my daughter was tiny and I was a first time mom.

  22. mickeyfan says

    This may not be an issue for you for a while yet, but it will someday: Choose your battles wisely. Not everything has to be a win or lose situation for you (or them). Hair will grow out, holes in ears (or lips or noses) will close, but feel free to go nuts over the REALLY important things!

  23. Nancy says

    Do what you think is best. Listen to other peoples advice but keep in mind that it just might not work for you child.

  24. Kelly H. says

    Enjoy the time with them and don’t worry about the messes so much. My house looks like a tornado by the end of the day but my daughters and I have had a successful day. Lots of reading, playing, and creativity – it takes work to make it look so wild! Ha! Just remember they are only little for such a short time. Savor it.

  25. says

    Always remember, there is no such thing as the perfect Mom, all you can do is be the best Mom your kids could ask for. Trying to be the perfect Mom will make you nuts.
    Nadine L recently posted..OOPS!

  26. Sherri G. says

    My best advice is to relax and always trust your instincts. Doing that has never failed me as a parent.

  27. Lynne Torgersen says

    Best advice is not to be over protective. Yes, you do have to watch them somewhat closely, but if you don’t let them have some freedom they will rebel and could get into more trouble.

  28. Deb C says

    Keep something that is just yours, a hobby, a certain time of the day, a special foodie treat. You’re going to be sharing nearly 100% of yourself. You need to have a little bit of something that is yours alone.

  29. joni says

    My mother always said, “Marry for money and learn to love him!” :) Although none of us kids ever listened.

  30. MaryR says

    As quickly as you can, get them on a night time schedule and stick to it. That’s the best advice I got and give to others.

  31. susan smoaks says

    my favorite mom advice is to be patient with yourself and with your children, no one is perfect

  32. amy tolley says

    congratulation on your baby!!! enjoy them and all the little things in life love them hug and kiss them and always reassure them you are there no matter what the issue may be…..and enjoy all their art work home made cards place them in photo frames to always have them…take them to places and explore the world around you front yard and back yard all sorts of places they learn and will carry them memories with them forever…thanks

  33. Jennifer Reed says

    My best piece of mom advice is to make sure and take care of your first love during the crazy years of parenting little ones. Your spouse can be your greatest helper but they need attention too.

  34. Kathleen S. says

    Just be patient, enjoy your time with the kids, and remember that no one is perfect so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  35. Robin says

    My best advice is to take each day as an adventure, it is best to prepared for whatever the day throws at you

  36. Kirsten says

    Be prepared for things to be different with a second child. It’s amazing how different my two girls are.

  37. danica says

    Don’t worry so much about keeping a clean house instead focus on enjoying your children when they are small!

  38. Lisa Garner says

    My mom advice is to make sure to upload photos once a month to your computer and keep them in a file by each month so you never lose track of their age in each photo.

  39. AmyBond says

    Congratulations! My only advice I can give is to just cherish every moment with them and, like someone else said, remember to take time out for yourself!

  40. Jill L says

    Know that it’s ok for the baby to cry for a couple of minutes so that you can get a shower. It was always so hard but sometimes getting that shower helped everything (of course, that’s only when you know baby is safe and isn’t in need of anything but cuddles).

  41. Laura Unger says

    Do what you feel is best for your family and your baby because what works for someone else may not work for you.

  42. Beverly M says

    Being a Mom is great. Just be the best Mom you can be and spend as much time with them as you can, because they grow up way to fast. Thanks for having this contest.

  43. Vikki Billings says

    My best advice is sleep when baby sleeps and also make sure to try and stay on a good schedule, it helps so much!

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