Clothes Get Wild with Mouth Man Hoodies! (Review)

I am always on the hunt for clothing for W that is unique and different from all of the things I find on the racks at our local stores. Recently I discovered Mouth Man hoodies and knew I had found something that none of W’s friends had! Mouth Man was started by Ross Valory of the rock band Journey which gives the hoodies a cool factor that J can approve of as well! He was inspired by a memory of kids playing “Jaws” and chasing each other around with their arms in front of them to bite each other. It was the perfect inspiration for Mouth Man! All you have to do is give yourself a hug and you will have your own Mouth Man moment!

Clothes Get Wild with Mouth Man Hoodies!

Now, I knew W might be a little too young to really understand the design of the hoodies and I will admit that some of the designs for boys are a bit intense but then I saw the Sock Monkey hoodie shirt and I knew I wanted to try one!

Mouth Man Hoodies

The front of hoodie features a cute and calm sock monkey on a background of yellow to orange fade, but when you fold your arms across your chest the image changes to reveal a big-mouthed hollering monkey! The back of the hoodie also features the back of the same cute and quiet monkey.

Mouth Man Kids Sock Money Hoodie

I love the colors of the shirt because it isn’t another blue shirt for a boy. I also like that the Mouth Man hoodies are eco-friendly! They are printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled fabric which makes them a great choice if you’re trying to live a more green lifestyle! I only ran into one issue with our hoodie and it had to do with sizing. W is wearing a lot of shirts in size 2T but he’s also grown out of many of his 2T shirts so I have been buying size 3T for all of his summer clothes. Mouth Man doesn’t offer the odd-numbered sizes so I ended up getting a 4T to make sure it would fit and hopefully last for a while.

Mouth Man Hoodies for the whole family

The size 4T is a bit too big on W right now. The sleeves go over his hands unless we push them up and the shirt goes down to his knees. We definitely could have used a 3T but at least we have the Mouth Man hoodie for W to grow into over the next few months (and hopefully years)! I do love that the shirts are made in the US and the fabric is UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection. This makes them great for use at the pool or as a sun cover up!

Mouth Man Animated Hoodies

Mouth Man offers a wonderful variety of designs for the entire family so each family member can show off their personality. I think these would be great gifts for summer birthdays and they would definitely work well for older kids around the pool! Though the moisture wicking fabric is great for layering for year-round activities as well! They range in price from $29.99 to $39.99 depending on the size you need (available in 2T through adult 2XL)! The discount code kidstuff will save you 25% on your entire order from now through July 1, 2012!

You can see all of the designs available at and find one that you like! You can also find Mouth Man on Facebook and on Twitter @mouthmanUSA!

Which Mouth Man hoodie design would you get?

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