Kick it with Moxie Girlz World of Sportz

Moxie Girlz World of Sportz

Kick it with Moxie Girlz World of Sportz

I’ve seen a lot of dolls over the years. I was eight years old before my sister was born. So I had my own years with dolls and then got to see all of the ones my sister played with. I’m not sure there is one I’ve liked as much as the Moxie Girlz World of Sportz dolls. I love that the line promotes girls in sports. It’s something I’ve been passionate about since I grew up playing basketball.

My niece is 5 years old and recently started playing soccer. So I thought Sophina would be perfect for her!

Sophina Moxie Girlz World of Sportz Doll

Confidence & Individuality

The Moxie Girlz World of Sportz dolls are all about girls having confidence and doing what they love! While many girls love fashion, there are plenty of young girls out there who love to get out and compete. As a mom, I love knowing this type of doll is available. Each of the dolls wears the appropriate uniform or attire for their designated sport. Sophina comes complete with a soccer ball to kick around!

The dolls are designed for kids 3 years and older. That makes them great for my 5-year-old niece. They dolls don’t have many small parts so with supervision, younger kids would be okay. That’s great because my nephew is only 2 and a half! Trust me when I tell you that anything she wants to play with, he suddenly thinks is the best toy around!

But she is a great addition to a little girl’s doll collection. Sophina adds a balance to the mix. While fashion dolls are a blast to dress up. My niece loves having a doll that represents one of her current interests. And you can do her hair as well! So all is well in the doll world apparently.

Moxie Girlz World of Sportz Dolls

Be True! Be You!

There are  Moxie Girlz World of Sportz dolls and each represents a different sport:

  • Avery (Gymnastics)
  • Sophina (Soccer)
  • Kellan (Tennis)
  • Lexa (Boxing)
  • Bria (Judo)

I love the diversity shown in the dolls with different skin tones, different hair colors, and different eye colors. The variety of sports is wonderful too. I’ll admit that I don’t know any little girls who do judo but I do know some who do karate! So it’s great to see something like that represented!

Oh, and I also love that these dolls are very affordable! They have a suggested retail price of $10.99 which makes them great gift ideas!

Tell me which doll someone in your life would love!

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