Muffin Tin Cookbook Ravioli Lasagna

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Let me start by confessing that recipes often intimidate me. If I open a cookbook and the list of ingredients for a recipe takes up half the page or more, I close the cookbook and make something that’s familiar. I like things to be simple and easy to prepare. I also love to try new recipes so it can be challenging to find something I want to make. I recently had the opportunity to try The Muffin Tin Cookbook by Brett Sembre and I think I have fallen in love!

The Muffin Tin Cookbook

The Muffin Tin Cookbook features 200 recipes for entrees, breakfasts, sides, mini-pies, breads, desserts, muffins, and cupcakes. Every single recipe can be made in muffin tins! I never thought to make anything besides muffins and cupcakes in my muffin tins but as soon as I started reading the recipes in this book, I had to run out and pick up a jumbo muffin pan so I could make more of them. Some of the recipes use regular sized muffin tins and some call for the jumbo tin. I am now the proud owner of multiple muffin tins!

I also love that the muffin tin recipes help with portion control. There’s no cheating here! If you are having one then one it is! You can pretend you didn’t take a little extra because you have to take a whole other dish! That is great for those watching what they eat!

Ravioli Lasagna from The Muffin Tin Cookbook

We are definitely a pasta loving family so when I saw the recipe for Ravioli Lasagna in The Muffin Tin Cookbook I knew it would be one of the first ones we tried! We have also tried a few others, but this one has become a favorite and I’ve made it a few times already.

The Muffin Tin Cookbook Ravioli Lasagna

I don’t have any silicone muffin pan liners yet but I hope to get some soon. For the Ravioli Lasagna, I use my new jumbo muffin pan and line it with aluminum foil. This helps hold each one together and makes clean up extremely easy! These are very quick to prepare and could definitely be a meal that where the kids could pitch in and get involved.

The Muffin Tin Cookbook Ravioli Lasagna

I have served it with a variety of vegetables on the side and it has been a hit every single time! Everyone enjoys it and I have been playing with the layering of all of the ingredients to perfect them for us! Later this week I will share my perfected version with you so be sure to come back and visit!

If you’re looking for recipes that easy to make and help with portion control, I highly recommend The Muffin Tin Cookbook. It’s also great if you’re looking to get the kids involved in the kitchen. The variety of recipes in the book is wonderful and there really is something for every type of meal and every occasion!

You can purchase The Muffin Tin Cookbook on Amazon and try some of the recipes yourself! Check back later this week to see how I adjusted the Ravioli Lasagna just slightly to add a few more vegetables!

Have you ever made something other than cupcakes or muffins in your muffin tin? Why would you like a copy of The Muffin Tin Cookbook?

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  1. Rebecca Parsons says

    This is great and would a super idea for my husband’s lunches. I know he would like to have a special meal to take with him at work.

  2. ANN* says

    Wow this is great . We often dont think of doing these type of foods in a muffin tin.
    great for individual servings to . Im sure going to try alot of these out for the family.
    Good book to keep on hand in your kitchen

  3. DogsMom says

    I have not tried muffin tins for things other than desserts. This looks really interesting.

  4. polly says

    i have not tried muffin tins for anything but muffins or cupcakes. i would love the book because i really need new recipies!

  5. Jill A. Collins says

    I like the concept behind the book. It would be fun to browse the recipes and think outside the box for dinner with leftovers for lunches. Would love to get a copy of this!

  6. Amanda Alvarado says

    This looks like a cookbook I need! I really need some way to control my portions and this would help! Plus dd would probably eat anything I put in a muffin/cupcake pan! LOL

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