Mutsy Easyrider Stroller Helps Little Ones Travel in Comfort (Review)

Mutsy Easyrider Stroller review

Mutsy Easyrider Stroller

All strollers are made the same. Find one that fits your budget. Find a print or color you like. And roll.

That’s what I thought before I became a mom. Now I’ve been on a hunt for a stroller that works well for us. We lucked out with our jogging stroller but I wasn’t going to be lugging that thing to the mall or to the zoo! So I needed a more lightweight stroller. After trying another stroller, we had the opportunity to review the Mutsy Easyrider stroller.

Love the color. Check. At $169 it was a bit higher than my budget. I was in the market for what I thought had to be a cheap stroller to be easy to toss in the back of the car. I was wrong! The Easyrider is definitely worth the investment because it is more than a stroller to leave in the back of the girl.

The Mutsy Easyrider stroller is a fabulous option for an everyday stroller!

Video Review of the Mutsy Easyrider

Riding in Comfort & Style with Mutsy Easyrider Stroller

Strolling with Mutsy Easyrider Stroller

This stroller is definitely part of my formula for motherhood. I’ve learned that there is a lot that goes into a stroller that actually works well for my family! We plan to use our Mutsy Easyrider stroller for many years to come!

To learn more, visit the Mutsy website. You can also connect with Mutsy on Facebook and on Twitter @mutsycollection!

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