affirMOMtions: my daily affirmations for moms

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affirMOMtions: daily affirmations for moms

The Affirmations for Moms on my Mirror

I have a number of affirmations taped on my bathroom mirror. Keeping them there reminds me to say them at least twice a day. I am sure to say them in the morning when I’m brushing my teeth and at night when I’m washing my face. Most days I say them a few other times during the day as well. But with the mirror trick, I’m sure to get them in at least twice on busy days!

So what’s on my mirror right now? Here are my current affirmations for moms that I’m using!

  • I prosper wherever I turn.
  • I weigh 160 pounds.
  • I am patient.
  • I am happy and healthy.

They are very simple right now. But they help keep me focused on the great things about my life as well as the goals I have. It doesn’t have to be complicated to make a difference! Just a few simple positive thoughts a day can make a huge impact!

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