My Wonderful Walls Makes DIY Easy for Dad! #fathersday

During the holiday season, I introduced you to My Wonderful Walls when I was looking for a customized piece for W’s nursery. I chose a piece from the Transportation Theme Wall Art collection because the primary colors went very well with the colors in W’s nursery. In our new house, W’s room is currently in the works! When we moved in, the bedroom that we are using for him was painted pink! Here is a picture of the current state of his room! We will be painting it as soon as we return home from a weekend trip to San Antonio. J is not the biggest DIY type of dad at all but he’s willing to give things a try if I can explain them and they are fairly straight forward. I wasn’t sure how involved he was going to be when it came to working on W’s room.

Toddler Bedroom Before Redecorating

It is definitely a pink room and not exactly what I was going for with my 18-month old son in mind! I also wanted something different from the zoo animals with pops of primary colors that I did in his nursery though I loved that I used a gray color on his ways. So I’m sticking with the gray color and the primary colors for his bedroom. I think it’s a base that we can easily change a bit as he grows without having to paint again. I hadn’t forgotten the canvas wall art from My Wonderful Walls and it was definitely inspiring to me.

My Wonderful Walls transportation wall art

When I got the opportunity to work with My Wonderful Walls again, the timing could not have been better! I knew exactly the direction we could go in W’s room with their help! I have been interested in wall decals and wall stickers for quite a while but wondered how they would work on walls with texture. Luckily the walls in W’s room don’t have much texture at all and I love the My Wonderful Walls Transportation Theme so I decided to take the plunge and try the wall sticker set!

My Wonderful Walls Transportation Wall Sticker Kit

The set includes 33 large fabric wall stickers that are repositionable, reusable, and layerable. They are made from SafeCling™ fabric that won’t stretch or tear and they don’t leave any residue behind when you remove them! I also love the handmade paper look because it makes them look more like they are painted rather than printed stickers. Although W’s room is not completely painted yet, I was excited to try the stickers and see how they worked so I headed into the guest room!

My Wonderful Walls Wall Stickers

The walls in the guest room are a neutral brown (but still in need of some repairs and touch ups if we don’t do an entire repaint of the room) so it gave me a great idea of how the wall stickers would work in W’s room once it has been painted. The sticker peeled easily off of the paper roll that all of the stickers were on. I was able to lay it back on the paper for a moment while I cleared a better space on the wall. The sticker was also extremely easy to place on the wall. I had a wrinkle or two when I first place the sticker but it was easy to lift the edge and smooth it out until it was placed well on the wall. My fears about putting the stickers on slightly textured walls were put to rest!

My Wonderful Walls Transportation Wall Sticker Set

This is just a sneak peek of what a few of the amazing transportation themed wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls can look like on a plain, solid colored wall. Over the next few weeks I will be updating you on how the stickers look on W’s newly painted gray walls with the rest of the decorations I have for his room! I cannot tell you how excited I am to include these in his room!

DIY is easy with My Wonderful Walls wall stickers!

If you’re looking for high quality wall stickers with coordinating accessories such as wall stencils and wall murals, I definitely recommend that you check out the variety available at My Wonderful Walls! They have something for different types of rooms including an under the sea theme, a fairy theme, and a dogs and cats theme! Those are just a few of the themes available!

If the dad in your life is involved in DIY projects around the house, My Wonderful Walls offers an easy way to add color and creativity to any room. If he is always willing to help but doesn’t know quite what to do, the sticker sets are perfect for getting him involved!

You can see the entire line of products on the My Wonderful Walls website. You can learn even more about My Wonderful Walls on Facebook, Pinterest, and on Twitter @mywndrfulwalls.

What room would you use My Wondeful Walls wall stickers in?

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