New Mom Gift Basket #HealthyValue #Cbias

New Mom Gift Basket featuring Neutrogena #HealthyValue

New Mom Gift Basket

After W was not thinking about pampering myself or even going out. Hindsight is 20/20 and I can see how it is important for new moms to take some time for themselves. I was a bit of an emotional wreck (might be a slight understatement) as we struggled with breastfeeding. Taking some time away would have been a good thing.

I did eventually go to the movies with J. It was good for me and inspired me to make a new mom gift basket for a friend.

When I was pregnant with W, many of my friends were pregnant as well. 10 babies were born within 3 months of W’s birthday. And now many of them (NOT ME!) are pregnant again! Since we’re not having quite as many baby showers, I though a gift basket could be a great little gift to pass on!

Neutrogena Value at Sam's Club #HealthyValue

Getting Value at Sam’s Club

We needed to pick up a few things at Sam’s Club. Since we can find some good value at the store, I decided to pick up a few things to add to the gift basket. Neutrogena facial cleansing wipes were on my list because they are one of the only ways I actually take time to get my face clean at night. I’m lazy when it comes to doing it. I’ll admit it!

I like things to be easy and quick. I also like things to be cheap and worth my money. So Grambo and I headed out to pick up some basics!

Neutrogena #HealthyValue at Sam's Club

We picked up some basics like Splenda and cereal bars. We have done the math and we get the best value for our money when we buy them at Sam’s Club. Grambo likes it because we can mark those basics off our shopping list for at least a month if not longer! Remember, I like things to be easy and I like convenience. I won’t lie. The smaller the grocery shopping list, the quicker the trip! I’m all for it.

The makeup remover wipes were easy to spot. I knew I wanted to get the box at Sam’s Club because it includes 4 packages in the box. Plenty to pass on while still keeping one or two for myself! They work great for removing makeup or wiping down your face after a good workout at the gym! You can see my entire shopping experience in my #HealthyValue Google+ album!

Sam's Club offers #HealthyValue

New moms may not feel as beautiful as they are after having a baby. It can be challenging to feel beautiful when you’re exhausted. I know that from experience. Personally, I think health comes from the inside and out. So taking care of yourself as a new mom is something I’ve come to realize is important.

Snagging a box of Neutrogena makeup wipes was a good deal. At $13.88 for 100 wipes, it works out to less than 14 cents per wipe. That is affordable convenience in my opinion. It means every pack in the box is only $3.47 which is competitively priced with other stores in my area. Plus, they are amazing when it comes to removing my waterproof mascara I wear almost every day!

Neutrogena Facial Wipes #HealthyValue

Putting Together a New Mom Basket

The great thing about putting together the basket was that it was so simple. All I did was sit down and think of a few goodies that would help a new mom pamper herself just a bit. In addition to the Neutrogena Facial Wipes, I added in some makeup and some razors. Yes, I put razors in the basket because sometimes finding time to shave your legs seems like a luxury. It’s definitely some personal pampering!

New Mom Gift Basket #HealthyValue

For baby, I just grabbed a few smaller items that I think can be helpful. I considered some diapers, but I didn’t want the baby items in the gift to overpower the mom items. So I went with just a few smaller things that we have used in the past. They included some items that mom might not by herself because they are more of a splurge. Nursery wipes are great but not an absolute necessity, you know? They do make mom’s life a bit easier!

I had been pondering something small to give to the second time moms I know who aren’t having baby showers. I love that this is a bit more personal than just some diapers and wipes (although I’m giving my share of those too). With a card or perhaps a new book for the baby, it makes a great little gift for a new mom!

To learn more about the makeup remover wipes, connect with Neutrogena on Facebook or follow @JNJStories on Twitter!

 What would you put in a New Mom Gift Basket?

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