Painted Flower Pots Craft with Painters Paint Markers #ExpressYourself

Painted Flower Pots Craft #ExpressYourself

The countdown to summer is on and that means that the kids will have a lot more free time on their hands! I am on the hunt for affordable activities that the entire family can get involved in this summer! Crafts are a perfect solution and it’s even better when the supplies can be used for more than one project! I recently discovered Painters Paint Markers and was inspired to get crafty! Crafts are a great way to #ExpressYourself and do something productive with all of that extra time this summer!

DIY Painted Flower Pots Craft

Painted Flower Pots Craft

There are many affordable plants available this time of year. I was able to find a flat of 6 marigolds for just $3. At Walmart, small terra-cotta pots were only 78 cents each and I was also able to get a small bag of potting soil for 97 cents. For $6.61 I was able to get all of the supplies for this project that would only be used one time. I actually only needed three plants so we had three extra to plant in other places!

Painters Paint Markers frm Elmers

The Painters Paint Markers were the most expensive supply that I purchased for this project but they can be used for many more projects! The markers are 100% acrylic paint that is permanent, streak-free, and dries almost instantly! The markers work on all kinds of surfaces and are available in three tip options and in a variety of colors! You can use them for scrapbooking too which is something I always say I’m going to do but never get around to doing! They are available for $1.97 each at Walmart!

Painted Flower Pot Craft

What you need:

  • Small terra-cotta flower pots
  • Painters Paint Markers
  • Potting soil
  • One plant per pot

DIY Painted Flower Pot Craft with Elmers

I limited myself to five of the Painters Paint Markers but now that we have used them, we all thought of many more colors we would like to have for other projects! I also purchased only the medium tip markers and they worked great for this project!

Painted Flower Pot #ExpressYourself

What to do:

1. Use the Painters Paint Markers to decorate your pot! The markers are easy to use making it easy to get creative! The paint dries so quickly that there is no wait time!

Painted Flower Pot with Painters Paint Markers

2. Fill the pots half full with potting soil.

Afford Family Fun DIY Painted Flower Pot

3. Plant one plant in each pot. Add additional potting soil as necessary.

Painted Flower Pot Craft

4. Add rocks or other decorative items as desired. Water and admire!

DIY Painted Flower Pot Craft

You can learn more about Painters Paint Markers by visiting the Elmers website (where there are so many great craft ideas and products), checking out Elmers on Facebook, or following on Twitter @elmers!

How would you decorate your flower pot craft with Painters Paint Markers? What colors would you buy?

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