Personal and Professional Goals for 2012

It might be January 3rd already but it’s never too late to set a few goals for the new year. Having goals helps me to stay focused and make progress. So I took some time to outline my personal and professional goals for 2012.

Personal Goals for 2012

  • Get Healthy! Yes, this involves losing the baby weight as well as the weight I gained after my sister’s death. I know how to do it so I just need to buckle down and focus on eating better and getting active.
  • Mommy time! I am looking forward to meeting more with some other moms I know in the new year. I have learned that spending time with other parents can be a huge support. It’s great to know that you’re not the only one dealing with certain challenges sometimes! W also loves spending time with other little ones.
  • Us time! Since W was born, J and I have not spent as much time together as a couple. This is something I aim to improve upon in 2012.

Professional Goals for 2012 (aka the blog!)

  • Trademark it! This is something that has come up recently with some fellow bloggers and I’m really interested in pursuing the development of Formula Mom as a brand!
  • ShePromotes! You might be wondering what I’m talking about with this one. ShePromotes is my newest adventure that I am on with my blogging friend and co-host, Darcy of Tales From the Nursery. Our goal is to bring you great blog events throughout 2012 and to offer support and guidance to fellow bloggers.
  • Relationships! This year my goal is to develop more long-term, lasting relationships and partnerships with PR agencies and brands. I enjoy working with a variety of companies but would love to develop partnerships that extend beyond the one time review or promotional event.

I figure 3 goals for each is a good place to start. Of course, once you set goals then you need a plan to make them happen. That’s what I need to work on next!

What goals do you have for 2012? Have you written them down and developed a plan of action?

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