Baby Can Learn with Personally Yours Books (Review)

Personally Yours BooksPersonally Yours Books creates personalized books for kids, personalized music CDs, photo personalized DVDs, and other personalized gifts for children! Each item offers a variety of customization options depending on the item. My favorite item at Personally Yours Books is the customized story books that can be personalized with your child’s name, the names of their friends or family, and other information!


Personally Yours BooksOne key to reading success is keeping children motivated, especially those who struggle. Customized books are a great way to get children involved in reading. Who wouldn’t want to read a book where they are the star? They offer a wide variety of titles for personalization. From adventure books and birthday books to holiday books and books featuring some of your favorite characters, there is a book for every kid!

We received a Disney themed book for W which is perfect because he loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! The book is a hardcover book so it will be a good one to put on his bookshelf. It will also be nice to have in the future because I love personalized items and W’s name isn’t the most common so I cannot just find it hanging on the rack of personalized pencils or miniature license plates. For those two reasons, I was very excited about the book before I even opened it.

When I ordered the book, I had to provide W’s name, his age, hometown, the names of up to 3 friends, who the gift was going to be from, the date it was going to be given, and a dedication (from a list of choices). I was interested to see where all of the information would be included!

personalized bookWhen I first opened the book, it brought a smile to my face. W’s full name is printed above the “helps Mickey find Buried Treasure” although I have removed it in the photograph. You can see some of the other information I had to provide appears on the title page of the book.

The printing is very good quality. You can feel the ink printed on the pages but I rubbed on it and it didn’t smudge so I was pleased with the quality of the printing. Just as with other hardcover books that are not board books when W and I sit down to read it, I have to be careful not to let him get his hands on the pages!

As I read through the story, I loved how W’s name was incorporated throughout the book. He interacted with all of the Disney characters. His hometown was mentioned as was his age. The names of his friends (or in our case, his cousins) as characters. This will be an amazing book for him when he is a little bit older.

Personally Yours BooksThe illustrations in the book are easily identified and W definitely recognizes Mickey. Although W doesn’t completely understand the fact that he is part of this book, he enjoys sitting with me and reading through it. I look forward to reading it with him as he grows up and the book is of good quality so I know it will last if we take care of it.

While I really like the Disney book we received, I also like the fact that Personally Yours Books offers such a variety of books. They offer Adventure books, Holiday books, and even Educational books! You can also get other products such as personalized music CDs and personalized wall art! If you explore the Personally Yours Books website you will find that the products aren’t just for children either. There is some great wall art that would be great for the entire family!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.