Pong iPad Case Protects My Investment (Review)

Pong iPad Case

Pong iPad Case

When my dear husband spoiled me with an iPad for Mother’s Day I knew I would need a case! With so many different varieties available, it can be a huge challenge to choose an iPad case! Luckily, my problems were solved when I had the opportunity to try the iPad 2 Pong Case!

I was interested in the Pong case because Pong products are the only ones on the market that have been scientifically proven to protect consumers from unnecessary exposure to cell phone and mobile device radiation. The also optimize the way the device performs!

Pong iPad Case Review

Loaded with Features

The Pong case for iPad 2 is loaded with features that I quickly came to appreciate. Some of my favorites include:

  • Soft, leather like cover that fits securely on the iPad 2
  • Multiple configurations with just a few folds
  • Reduces Wi-Fi radiation exposure by up to 72%
  • Unique design and technology allows the iPad 2 antenna to be exposed at all times, keeping transmission power optimized

Pong iPad Case Review

Easy to Use & Versatile

The iPad case from Pong was extremely easy to put on my iPad 2. This was wonderful for me. I hate when it’s difficult to get cases on and off my devices. I get frustrated so easily! We’re talking words my son shouldn’t hear frustrated. I think I have expectations that anything technology related should be quick and easy! At least this case proved to meet my expectations!

The case is very lightweight and flexible. It can be folded in many different ways to be used as a landscape or portrait stand. The versatility is one of my favorite aspects. It’s great to be able to prop up the iPad on the counter if I’m reading a recipe!

iPad Case by Pong

Great on the Go!

I almost forgot to mention one of my absolute favorite features! When you close the cover the smart technology puts your iPad 2 in sleep mode! When you open the case, it was your iPad 2 up!

I definitely feel that we get better performance when using the Pong case over other cases we own. I also love knowing that it is reducing the amount of radiation my family is being exposed to while using the iPad! The only change I would like to see would be a want or silver case that would coordinate better with my white iPad 2!

Pong offers a wide variety of products including iPhone cases and iPad cases. To learn more, visit the Pong website. You can also learn more about all of the Pong cases by getting connected with Pong on Facebook and on Twitter @pongcase!

What feature is important to you in an iPhone or iPad case?

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