Preparing for Two Children: The Stroller Dilemma

Disclosure: I received a Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller for review purposes as part of this Preparing for Two Children post. All thoughts and experiences are my own.


We’re getting closer and closer to adding a new member to our family. Luckily we have most of ¬†our big pieces of baby gear from when W was younger. We got it all in neutral designs so it would work fine for a boy or girl. Of course, I doubt baby girl would care if she is in a blue bouncer and W survived his time in a swing that was more on the girly side.

But none of that has been on my mind much. Instead I have been wondering how I’m going to get out and about with a baby and a toddler. W is pretty good about walking but gets tired quickly. So I began my journey to solve the stroller dilemma. We have an umbrella stroller and a Joovy Zoom 360 (that I adore) we have been using with him. But we needed something that would help me get both kids on the move in the coming months.

Preparing for Two Children: The Stroller Dilemma

Preparing for Two Children: The Stroller Dilemma

So I’m know I’m not the first one to have the stroller dilemma as they get ready for the arrival of their second child. I have seen so many different double strollers out there. I’ll be honest. I was really put off by most of them. I had actually decided against getting one and figured we would make it all work somehow.

But I have dreams of going to the zoo with both kids sometime next year before it gets too hot. And a wagon isn’t going to cut it with a little one. So those dreams had me doing more research. I knew I didn’t want a double wide. I don’t even understand how parents maneuver those things, let alone get them in and out of the car!

Preparing for Two Children: Joovy Caboose Ultralight

Double Stroller Solution

Well, the game changed completely when Grambo and I were walking through a store one day and I spotted a double stroller that looked like a single stroller at first glance. But wait, there were two children on board! One riding up front like it was nothing and one standing in the back.

My double stroller dilemma had been solved. I knew we needed that stroller and once I spotted the Joovy logo on it, I knew it would be a great investment as well!

The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem stroller seemed to have everything to solve my stroller dilemma!

Preparing for Two Children: Double Stroller

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight

The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight has a number of features that made it a great double stroller option for my family.

  • The stroller has a small footprint and with the bench seat only weighs about 21 pounds. That means it folds up and fits in the back of my car with room for other things we might need while on the go!
  • It features a number of things I have come to expect with a Joovy stroller including a large canopy, storage basket, and parent organizer.
  • Plus, it offers the option to have two reclining seats in case we ever needed a full seat for W to sit on instead of the standing or using the bench seat.
  • Oh, and a car seat adapter that comes with the stroller. No need to buy it separately. With a new little one on the way, this was one of the best pieces to come out of the box. It was one I hadn’t even considered!

The front seat can accommodate children from 3 months old to 45 pounds with a three position recline. The removable back seat that is easily installed on the rear bench can accommodate children from 6 months to 45 pounds. It reclines as well and features the same 5-point harness as the front seat.

We are ready to roll with help from Joovy!

You can learn more about the entire line of products on the Joovy website. You can also connect with Joovy on Facebook and Twitter!

What features do you look for in a double stroller?