Prosperity Affirmations for Moms (affirMOMtions)

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affirMOMtions: prosperity affirmations for moms

This week I started my new part-time teaching position. I’ll admit that finances and prosperity are on my mind. I’m not too worried though. I continue to say my favorite prosperity affirmation each day and know that all is well. If your finances are on your mind, try these prosperity affirmations for moms.

  • I prosper wherever I go. (This is the one I say every single day.)
  • I am open to receiving prosperity.
  • I deserve good in life and that includes prosperity.
  • Money flows to me from both expected and unexpected sources.

They are short and sweet but they can make things happen! If you’re worrying about money, stop and turn your thoughts around with these. I can tell you that they work! I am living proof! So try it! What can it hurt?


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