Why PTPA Seal of Approval Matters #ptpainsider

PTPA Media winners seal

PTPA, parent tested & parent approved

A little over a year ago, I started noticing the awards and seals that were on some of my favorite baby products. I discovered that many of my the products we depended on had the PTPA Seal of Approval on them. It’s how I discovered the PTPA Media website and began exploring.

As a mom, I know look to PTPA as a source for information on great products. The PTPA seal tells me that other parents have had success with the product. And that means a lot. It gives me a feeling of confidence that my purchase will be one that is valuable to my family.

Plus, I enjoy browsing and searching for products on the website!

Value of the PTPA Seal of Approval

So, why should brands seek out the PTPA Seal of Approval? It makes a difference! As a parent, I look for it when considering products. I trust PTPA and give additional consideration to products that have earned the seal!

Number one reason that brands need the PTPA Seal of Approval is because it means…

PTPA Media - From the Mouth of a Parent

Those four words have power!

But there are other benefits to companies, such as:

  • Objective product reviews from parent testers
  • Access to all of the completed product evaluations
  • PTPA seal is a very recognizable seal in the family consumer market
  • Winners receive access to target market through unique marketing
  • No risk guarantee! Companies who do not earn the seal do not receive negative coverage. Submission is also refunded!

But above all else, the seal gives credibility to brands. It gives products a voice to communicate with families and parents.

How Can Brands Get Involved?

Another thing I love about PTPA is that it’s very easy to get involved for both parents and companies! Brands can get involved by following three easy steps:

  1. Apply for the PTPA Seal of Approval online at www.ptpa.com.
  2. Engage with the PTPA community of testers on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Participate in weekly contests and social media parties!
It’s that simple to get involved and have products considered for the seal that, as a parent, I have come to trust!

Tell me about a brand or product that you think deserves the PTPA Seal of Approval!

Formula Mom Disclosure: As part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador program, I was compensated for 2 official posts. All opinions and experiences shared are 100% my own.