Father’s Day Gift Idea: Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit (Review) #FathersDay

I am not a car person when it comes to technical things. I know the types of vehicles I like and I do base my opinions on the way they look, the ride, and the safety ratings. So when my headlights turned yellow, I really had no idea what to do! My mom’s headlights have done a similar thing and I just chalked it up our cars both being almost 9 years old. I figured we were just stuck with it until I learned about the Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit!

The kit is a great gift idea for the Dad who takes pride in his car and who likes to make sure that his family’s vehicles are in tip-top shape but also wants to save a bit of money whenever he can!

Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit

The kit is designed to restore old foggy, cloudy, or yellowed plastic headlight lenses to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. I certainly wasn’t going to be replacing anything but I will admit that I was skeptical about how successful this experience would be! It just seemed too good to be true! I’m willing to try anything once though so I cleared my mind and go to work on my mom’s headlights because J had taken my car to get it inspected.

Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit is a great Father's Day gift!

I knew her headlights were foggy and although you can’t see it well in the photo, they are definitely yellowed as well. So they were the perfect candidates for the kit! The kit includes everything you need to eliminate light scratches, generate a protective layer, increase scratch resistance, and repel dirt and road grime!

For the Dad who loves hi car: Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit

To get started, I had to wash the headlights off to get rid of the dirt. It was a good thing I did this because they were dirty! Then I was supposed to tape off around the headlight to protect the car, but I will admit that I didn’t do this and just worked very carefully. Since the headlights were yellowed and had some matte patches, I then used the polishing cloth and scratch remover to polish the headlight.

Then I removed the excess with a damp cloth and I was ready to seal the headlight with the Quixx Headlight Lens sealer. I could already see a difference and I was impressed! The headlight lens sealer helps keep the lens cleaner and clearer for longer so I sprayed some of the sealer onto the headlight and spread it evenly over the headlight with a clean cotton cloth. I allowed it to dry to a haze and went back to check on it about 30 minutes later. I buffed the headlight with a clean cloth and got to see the final results!

Father's Day Gift Idea: Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit

The headlight on the left is the one I treated with the Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit and the one on the right is the other headlight before I treated it using the kit. The entire family could see the difference and we were all impressed! J was definitely interested even though is car doesn’t have these issues. I have a feeling he’ll be out working on my car soon! He’s not even a car guy and he’s intrigued so this is definitely a great gift for the dad who is into cars!

The Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit is available for $19.99 on the Quixx website. You can also learn about all of the Quixx car care products by visiting them on Facebook and following on Twitter!

Is there a dad in your life that could put the Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit to use this Father’s Day?

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