Review: Aden and Anais Sleeping Bag

Aden + Anais sleeping bagOne day when I was waiting in the midwife’s office for one of my appointments, there was a woman there waiting for her 6 week appointment. We had the opportunity to talk about a variety of topics and one of those was the blanket she was using. It was still summer and she had the lightest blanket that was extremely generous in size. Once I asked about it, she raved for a good ten minutes about her Aden and Anais swaddle blanket. When I got home from my appointment, I quickly added them to my registry and was thrilled to receive a package of the muslin swaddle blankets. They are popular in our home and I have also become a mother who will rave about them if given the chance!

W was a huge fan of being swaddled but once he began rolling over, I got nervous so I went on the hunt for an alternative to keep him warm while he was sleeping. I wanted to make sure he had free use of his hands so he could roll himself back over in the night if he needed to do that. That’s when I discovered that Aden and Anais also have a line of sleeping bags for older children! They offer two varieties — the classic sleeping bag and the cozy sleeping bag. The cozy sleeping bag is 4 times the thickness of the classic line to help keep babies warm during cold nights. In Texas we don’t have much of a need for that so I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to try a sleeping bag from the line of Aden and Anais classic sleeping bags.

Aden + Anais We received the classic sleeping bag in the Jungle Jam – Elephant print which brought a smile to my face because I have the coordinating swaddle blanket and it happens to be one of my favorites. I love the cute little elephants and I love the color of the print. I was pleased before I even opened the box!

The sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton muslin and are designed to be worn over the child’s pajamas. This eliminates the need for loose blankets in the bed which makes me feel safer. The muslin fabric is also extremely breathable which allows the baby’s temperature to regulate easily. W is a hot little guy when he sleeps so I definitely like the muslin fabric for night. I also like that this bag zips from the bottom up which makes it easier to change his diaper while also making it more difficult for him to unzip it by himself!

Aden + Anais muslin sleeping bagBased on the sizing chart, I chose a size large for W. The large is recommended for ages 12 – 18 months, 30″ – 34″ long, and 22 – 28 pounds. The measurements were the range we fall in and I didn’t want to risk choosing a medium and having it be too small. Although based on his length he would have just fit in a medium. His weight is definitely in the large size. When I got the bag out of the box, it looked large to me and it still looked very generously sized after it went through the wash.

As you can see in the photo, W does have room to grow in the sleeping bag but it fits him. I am very happy that I chose the size large. Based on the measurements given on the sizing chart, I feel that it is an accurate sizing chart. We will be able to use the sleeping bag for a while and that always makes me feel good. As a parent, it seems like I am always buying something for W so it’s nice to feel like you’re getting a product where you will get your money’s worth. I have never been disappointed with any of my Aden and Anais products. They may cost a bit more than some of the other products available but I feel that they are built to last.

Although it’s not important to the functionality of the sleeping bag, I do appreciate that it has a print that coordinates with other Aden and Anais products. This makes it a great item to include in shower gifts! The sleeping bag is available in a variety of prints as well as white. They offer gender neutral prints as well as prints that are more gender specific.

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Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.