Review: Baby Safe Feeder

One of my plans was to introduce solids to W using baby led solids. After he showed a great interest very early on we ended up beginning with purees and moving on to a combination of purees and “regular” food. Although I’d researched baby led and felt comfortable on paper, I still hated when he did the gagging thing when he was trying different foods. It always made me nervous, so I went on the hunt for a solution that would make me feel better and still let him try everything! The Baby Safe Feeder was the answer to my concerns! I had heard of mesh feeders before but had never tried one with W. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try the Baby Safe Feeder!

Baby Safe FeederThe Baby Safe Feeder is a safe and easy way to introduce solid foods. You simply drop the food into the mesh bag and twist on the handle and give it to your baby! It keeps the big pieces safely inside the mesh bag but allows your baby to gnaw away. If you put a slice of apple in the feeder, your baby can make applesauce but the peel will stay in the feeder! This is an idea I definitely liked and was excited to try with W. I want him to explore food in hopes that he won’t become a picky either. Of course, neither J nor I is picky at all. We’re so easygoing that we have trouble deciding what to have to eat sometimes because neither of us cares and will eat anything.

Baby Safe FeederThe Baby Safe Feeder comes in a 2+2 Starter Kit which includes 2 feeders and 2 extra bags. You can also purchase individual feeders as well. I really like the 2+2 Starter Kit as it gives you enough supplies to really use the feeders effectively. I learned very quickly that when W finished what was in one feeder, he didn’t want me to take it away and refill it. When I did that it did not make him a happy camper. It worked much better to fill the second one and just swap them out! It’s a great system if you have more than one so that makes the 2+2 Starter Kit a great buy.

When the 2+2 Starter Kit arrived, I washed it for the first time as soon as we got it because I was eager to try it. It is extremely easy to take apart and put back together which is great for cleaning. Some of my friends who have used mesh feeders complained about having difficulty washing the mesh bags and some even said the mesh bags got moldy after a while. We have been using the Baby Safe Feeder for about a month and have not had any of these problems.

The Baby Safe Feeder offers a fun and safe way for your baby to explore solid foods!

Baby Safe Feeder The Baby Safe Feeder mesh bag is easy to clean and dries quickly. If you have any trouble cleaning it, there are some great suggestions on the Baby Safe Feeder FAQ page. They recommend that you wash it in hot soapy water or the top rack of the dishwasher. If you’re having difficulty getting certain foods off of the mesh bag, they suggest you try a white vinegar soak or baking soda.

W wasn’t sure about the feeder the very first time I offered it to him but once he realized there was food in it, he became a fan! He loves to have watermelon in it. It’s one of his favorites and I don’t worry about any stray seeds which is nice. He’s also had radish, hushpuppy, and some other vegetables. I don’t even remember everything we’ve tried since we got the Baby Safe Feeder because it opened up the whole world of food because I don’t worry about him anymore. He is willing to try almost anything and I was surprised when he liked radish! I haven’t tried any meats yet because I still feel bad about making him try the baby food version of turkey. I’m sure he would be more than willing to try a piece of non-puree turkey though so I will be offering it to him soon!

Baby Safe FeederWe also use the Baby Safe Feeder to help us survive this teething situation that we have been going through for the past 2 months. By putting an ice cube in the feeder and running it under cool water for a moment, the feeder turns into a great teether! W wasn’t sure about it at first but once he got going, he was a fan and will go through a few ice cubes each time he uses it as a teether. I’m glad I discovered this use for the Baby Safe Feeder because it makes it even more practical! If you’re considering getting a mesh feeder, I would definitely recommend the Baby Safe Feeder as it has come in very handy!

You can purchase the Baby Safe Feeder on their website. The 2+2 Starter Pack is available for $12.50 +$3.45 s/h or you can purchase an individual Baby Safe Feeder for $5.95 + $2.95 s/h. You can also purchase 4 packs of replacement bags for $6.25 +$2.75 s/h.