Review: Dove Chocolate Discoveries Starter Kit (& Giveaway)

Did you know that October is Women’s Small Business Month? Well it is!

I will admit that I have pondered if I could be successful selling one of the numerous products out there on the market through a direct sales program. I have friends who sell candles, kitchen utensils, jewelry, and even baskets! I am pretty sure that one key to success in these business endeavors is passion. I believe that you have to have a passion for what you’re selling. Well, when it comes to passion one thing I am passionate about is my blog. I am working to make it a source of income as well as a place to share my thoughts and adventures. It definitely takes a lot of dedication and work. It also takes a lot of support from my family. Of course, my family always comes first but the blog is a nice little way to take some “me” time. If you don’t like writing then you might disagree with me completely but I find it almost relaxing to work on Formula Mom. I love sharing with all of my readers and I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.

Of course not all moms are cut out to become a blogger but there are many opportunities out there. You just have to find something you’re passionate about. I recently had the opportunity to learn more about the Dove Chocolate Discoveries program. Dove Chocolate Discoveries is on of the latest direct selling company that combines the global romance of premium chocolate and the growing trend of home entertaining. When I heard about this program I was definitely interested. Selling chocolate? How much effort would that take? Having chocolate tasting parties? That doesn’t sound like too much work!

Dove Chocolate DiscoveriesI received the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier Starter Kit to review. It is the same kit that new Chocolatiers receive when they sign up! A Chocolatier is the name given to a Dove Chocolate Discoveries sales force team member.  A Chocolatier samples chocolate, encourages purchase, invites people to a Chocolate Tasting party and encourages others to become Chocolatiers. When the kit arrived at my door step, it was like I was a child again!

The kit included milk chocolate and dark chocolate Dove chocolate bars, Chocolate Chai Tea, Chocolate Martini Mix, Fudge Truffle Brownie Mix, and a heart-shaped fondue set! The kit also included Cashews and Almonds covered in chocolate which was my favorite item in the kit!

This kit seems like it would be great for someone just getting started. It comes with a variety of products that would help hold a great chocolate tasting party. It also comes with a party planning guide as well as all the paperwork needed to hold your first Dove Chocolate Discoveries party! Last year, Americans spent more than $16 billion on chocolate so this could be an amazing opportunity. Although I was only asked to review the starter kit, I am seriously considering becoming a Dove Chocolatier! I’m pleased to have the opportunity to offer one of my lucky readers their own Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier Starter Kit. If you win, you can check out the program and see what you think!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of DOVE Chocolate Discoveries and received a Starter Kit to facilitate my review.