Review: BabyBond Nursing Sash

The BabyBond is a nursing accessory that allows you to breastfeed in public without having to hide your baby away from the world! Now, if you’ve read anything about my struggle with breastfeeding, you might be wondering why I am reviewing a breastfeeding accessory! Well, to be honest, this is just one of those things that hasn’t gone my way! When I first got the opportunity to try the BabyBond we were still working on breastfeeding although I was mainly pumping, I was putting W to the breast as much as I could and I still had high hopes. By the time it arrived in the mail, it was a little bittersweet as we were no longer nursing though I was still pumping. Seeing the Baby Bond in the mail got me a little down but then I realized that I could still evaluate it as a product based on my nursing experience. Even if we weren’t successful with a long-term breastfeeding relationship, I still have a valuable opinion based on my experience. So, I bring you BabyBond!

BabyBond nursing sash
The BabyBond is a nursing sash that covers up mom and not the baby! Why should our babies have to hide while they’re eating? When I was breastfeeding W, I know that those moments of eye contact were priceless especially when we were struggling. I spent time wearing a different nursing cover when people were visiting us and it was frustrating. When your child is struggling to latch or stay latched on and you need to be able to see him to get a good position, using a nursing cover draped over your entire body is not very helpful. Yes, I speak from experience! Breastfeeding did not come naturally to me at all and it was a lot of work. Those moments in which W was under the cover were some of the most challenging and I just wanted to shoo everyone out of my house!

There are three types of Baby Bond nursing sashes:

  • BabyBond Original is worn with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top and has a built-in burp cloth and matching pouch storage pouch.
  • BabyBond Flex is worn with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top and has a removable burp cloth and matching pouch storage pouch.
  • BabyBond Couture is adjustable and can be worn with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top or the bottom. It rolls up into itself to store.

All BabyBond nursing sashes are machine washable, 100% cotton, and made in USA.

I received a BabyBond Flex in Charcoal. The difference between the Original and the Flex is that the burp cloth on the flex is removable. I like that feature because I would be able to change it out as necessary. The Flex is also available in two other colors – chocolate (brown) and night (black).

Baby Bond Flex Nursing Sash

Based on the sizing chart, I received a size 2. I generally wear anywhere between a small and large in t-shirts so I went based on the other measurements. I’m 5’8″ so I was worried the size 3 might be too big event though my weight (pre- and post-pregnancy fits in that range). Since my bra cup size (pre- and post- pregnancy) is a B, I decided to go with size 2 and I’m glad I did.

Baby bond sizing chart

One of the great features of the BabyBond Flex nursing sash is that it comes in a storage pouch! My other nursing cover didn’t come with any sort of storage so once I took it out, I just ended up bunching it up in a ball in my pump bag or in the diaper bag. So I ended up with a very wrinkled nursing cover! The pouch will also keep your BabyBond safe if you decide to toss it in the diaper bag! You never know what kinds of gunk gets in the diaper bag!

Baby Bond Flex with storage bag

The Flex also comes with a burp cloth that is double layer terry velour and measures 9 x 12″. It’s a nice, high quality burp cloth and although I’m not using the BabyBond, I’ve kept out the burp cloth and it’s one of my favorites! I would take more of these burp cloths if I could just buy them separately!

Baby Bond Flex nursing cover with burp cloth

The BabyBond Flex nursing cover is designed like a sash to go over your shirt and allow it to function as a nursing top. It only keeps mom covered, protecting her privacy while allowing her to be able to see her baby! It’s really an important design that I never really considered before my experience with breastfeeding. That connection with your baby is what it is all about!

Since the BabyBond is a sash, you wear it over one shoulder and across your chest. Remember, it goes over the shirt you’re wearing! I modeled it to demonstrate the fit. Obviously my plain white t-shirt wouldn’t have been an ideal shirt to wear while nursing, but I think you’ll get the point!

Wearing the BabyBond flex nursing sash

The size 2 was definitely the correct size for me. A size 3 would have been too big so I am glad I went with the two. I will be honest and say that this would have fit me almost the same post-pregnancy as it does in this photo. Even when my milk came in, I didn’t even need to buy a new bra! No, I was not blessed in that department — not even when pregnant or nursing!

Once you have the BabyBond over your shirt, you simply separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. The double panel of fabric keeps your breast covered above & below. Your belly and your back remain covered with your own shirt. It really is very easy to use. The design is simple and seems effective.

BabyBond nursing cover separate fabric panelsAlthough I did not have the opportunity to use this with W, I do appreciate the design. I look forward to using it with our next child as I am optimistic about trying breastfeeding again. Connecting with W was so important to me, especially during the early days so this would have been a lifesaver for us. It also would have allowed me to breastfeed when people were over and still be able to see how W was positioned. I would recommend a BabyBond to anyone who is breastfeeding as an alternative to a big tent of a nursing cover! Remember that your relationship with your child is part of a great breastfeeding relationship!

Buy It!

You can purchase a BabyBond nursing sash on the BabyBond website or on The BabyBond retails for $35.

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