Review: Boon Groovy & Modware

Boon Inc. designs modern and innovative baby and toddler gear. I first discovered the Boon brand when I came across the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack at Target when I was registering for baby items before my showers. I thought it was one of the most fun items I’d seen! It was definitely more interesting than the rest of the drying racks! Boon started when designer Rebecca Finell’s bathtub was a mess of toddler toys and she started brainstorming a solution. A solution was found in the design of the Frog Pod!Boon Baby Gear

I’ve always loved the look of the Boon products. They are so modern in design and come in wonderful bright colors. I have a weak spot for bright colors! When I got the opportunity to try the Groovy & Modware Interlocking Plate and Bowl Set with Utensils I was excited!

Boon Groovy & Modware

The Groovy & Modware features an interlocking plate and bowl as well as two dipping bowls that attach anywhere along the edge of the plate. It’s recommended for ages 9 months and up and will definitely keep older kids interested. The dipping bowls are a great feature! It also features to Modware utensils which I am a big fan of even though W is not using them on his own yet.

The Groovy & Modware set comes in three color combinations: cherry & berry cream, grape & kiwi, and blue raspberry & tangerine. I chose the blue raspberry and tangerine combination and it is wonderful! Orange is one of my favorite colors and this happens to be the color combination that are also the colors of my favorite soccer team. I’m hoping W likes orange when he’s older!

Bottom of Groovy & Modware interlocking plate and bowlThe bottom of the plate and bowl has a ring around it that helps prevent it from sliding around on the table. I have a feeling that this will be a very useful feature in our house in the future! We have a glass top dining room table (that I hope to replace before too long) but plastic dishes really move around a lot on it so I definitely like this feature.

Although the box states that the Groovy & Modware set is for ages 9+ months, I’ve found that it is very useful for us right now as I feed W purees. We have a lot of smaller bowls for him as well as baby spoons. The challenge comes when W starts reaching for the bowl. He wants to grab everything he can and he loves to grab the edge of the bowl if he can reach it. It can be difficult when I’m holding on to one edge with just a few fingers (one of each always seems to end up in the food) and he grabs the other side of the bowl. He’s got a pretty strong grip! The Groovy plate/bowl helps with this issue!

Boon Groovy interlocking plate and bowl

The interlocking plate and bowl give me a place to put the food and a large part to hold on to without getting the baby food on my hands! It also gives me the perfect place to lay the spoon down so food doesn’t get all over the high chair tray. I really enjoy using this set when I feed W and I’m glad it’s getting use early on. I have a feeling it will continue to be a favorite.

Feeding baby using Boon Groovy & ModwareThe photo above is exactly how W usually approaches his food — arms out with his mouth open! That is why a plate/bowl that gives me a little leverage is a great thing to have!

Boon Modware spoonThe Modware spoon is also one of my favorite spoons that we have. The reason I like it is that it is wider in design and not as deep as other spoons. W doesn’t do well if the baby spoon is too deep because he can’t get the food out of it. The Modware is shallow enough that he is able to get all of the baby food off of the spoon. I also like that the design is very rounded and has no sharp edges at all! I don’t have to worry about poking him wrong or anything. Plus the handles are very wide which is a good thing because when he’s done eating, I always let him explore with the dishes.

Exploring the Boon Groovy & Modware dishesI love that the Modware spoon has a thicker handle because W inevitably puts the not eating end into his mouth but he can’t get it quite as far back as some of the skinnier spoons we have. Overall, the Boon Groovy and Modware set has been a great set of dishes for us and I look forward to using it as W grows. I think the dipping bowls will be great when he is trying different sauces that we sometimes have with our food. I definitely think this will be one of the most used set of baby/toddler dishes in our cabinet!

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You can purchase the Groovy & Modware set on the Boon website or at a Boon retailer. Boon retailers in the United States include Target, Babies R’ Us, Buy Buy Baby, and You can find other Boon retailers near you by searching on the Boon website. The Groovy & Modware set retails for $16.99.

Disclosure: I was sent Boon Groovy & Modware dishes for review and Boon is responsible for the giveaway prize. I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all opinions are my own. Formula Mom’s full disclosure can be found here. Facebook is not associated with this giveaway in any way.