#Review: Hazelaid Amber #Teething Necklace

Hazelaid, Healing NaturallyHazelaid was brought to life after one family discovered the healing properties found in products made from Hazelwood. Products made from the wood of the Hazelnut tree absorb excess acid produced in our bodies when the wood comes in contact with our skin. The Hazelaid family first learned about the benefits of Hazelwood when their third child was suffering from severe eczema. After trying many different things to help, they decided to try a Hazelwood necklace after a friend recommended it. After wearing the necklace and using hazelwood zinc oxide ointment for a couple of weeks there was an improvement in their daughter’s condition and she was also spitting up less! The power of natural remedies is amazing!

Hazelaid Amber Teething NecklaceI discovered Hazelaid while on a search for natural teething remedies and products that might help ease W’s discomfort as he worked our way through the teething phase. In addition to an amazing line of Hazelwood jewelry products, Hazelaid also offers Baltic Amber necklaces. You might be wondering what  a necklace has to do with teething. Amber, when worn in contact with the skin and warmed by the skin, helps with teething pain because it releases oil that is absorbed into the skin. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid which is naturally occurring in the human body and serves many functions. It acts as an analgesic (for pain relief), an expectorant, an anti-pyrectic (anti-fever), antispasmodic (reduces diarrhea) and anti-inflammatory.

With the help of Hazelaid I was able to select a necklace for W to try. I learned that the lighter the color of the beads and the cloudier the bead the stronger the effect. I selected the 12″ Lemondrop necklace for him. The necklaces come in a 14″ length as well but we were concerned that it would be a bit too long and attract his attention too much. The important thing to remember about the amber necklaces is that they are not teething toys. They are to be worn on the skin and not chewed on. Hazelaid also offers a bracelet/anklet version as well which might be a good option for you depending on your circumstance.

As you can see in the photo, the size was perfect for W. He wore the necklace daily for two weeks to begin with and I feel that we did see an improvement. We have continued to use the necklace on and off when the teething has flared up. I feel that it has helped ease his discomfort and reduced the level of fussiness especially when a tooth is about to break through. I don’t let W wear the necklace at night and I will tell you that he is the most restless at night, so based on that I think that the necklace definitely has a positive effect on him. Plus, he looks pretty darn adorable wearing it!

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Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.