Review: Incredibum Cloth Diapers

As you know, we are a cloth diapering family. For awhile when W was in daycare I will admit that we weren’t using cloth as much. Now that we have moved and he is staying home with my aunt (Meme) during the day we are back to cloth during the day. We still use disposables at night because otherwise it would be a mess. But I am excited to be using cloth again!

There is one new thing I have come to realize recently. As W has gotten older he has obviously become more active and diaper changing is not a simple process. To be honest, not only does W try to roll and kick, he also cries because he doesn’t want to be immobile for any period of time. Diaper changes are something I really dread now but there is a silver lining! Cloth diapers are much easier to get on an active baby than disposables!

As a result of that discovery, I am even more pleased to be back in cloth most of the time and I also got the opportunity to try a brand that was new to me — Incredibum!

incredibum: easy, green, goodincredibum has the goal to make a diaper that is ecologically friendly and economical. As a cloth diapering family, the effect on the environment is definitely one of our concerns but I will admit that I look at the economical benefits as well. There are some gorgeous cloth diapers available out there but I will not pay $30 or $40 for one diaper. It just doesn’t make sense.

incredibum offers bamboo cloth diapers for under $17 which is very affordable for a bamboo diaper. They also offer diapers in a rainbow of colors including one of my favorites: red! I love that they offer a red diaper and the name, Firecracker, is so fitting!

incredibum bamboo cloth diapersWe receive an incredibum diaper in Ocean, an incredibum wet bag, and cloth wipes to try with W. I was already pleased with the snap closures because as much as I like hook-and-loop it is just dangerous! W loves to open the aplix closures and laugh. So if he’s not going to be wearing any pants, then we have to use snaps or we’re all in danger of cleaning up a mess!

The Ocean color is a great color that I believe is very gender neutral. The insert is made up of bamboo (67%), cotton (23%), and polyester (10%). The shell is made up of polyester (100%), TPU waterproof coating and Microfiber fleece lining. I was pleased with the quality of this diaper and it washed up well the first time. It has also washed extremely well since we have started using it regularly.

As many of you know, W is a big guy. He’s at the top of the growth charts and currently wears clothing in size 24 months and 2T even though he has not even celebrated his first birthday! When looking for a new cloth diaper, fit and rise are definitely important to me. With snaps, the placement of the snaps is also critical for getting a good fit.

Incredium bamboo cloth diapersWe get a very good fit with the incredibum diaper. The rise goes up high enough that we haven’t had any leaking from the top. We also get a good fit around the legs which is so important now that he walking everywhere! We have not had any leaks with this diaper at all! So far it has survived the test of the toddler stage! I also like the the legs offer a secure fit without leaving any marks.

The wet bag and cloth wipes have both become stapes in our diaper bag because they don’t take up much room. Yes, I am one who uses cloth wipes for everything! Sure, they work great as wipes at diaper changes but they also work great for wiping drool and cleaning messy hands!

Buy it! You can purchase incredibum products at Sandbox Lane. The bamboo cloth diapers are available for $16.85 and you can purchase extra bum pads inserts for $4.95 each. Wet bags come in two different sizes. The large bag is available for $12.95 and the small bag is available for $7.95.

To learn even more about incredibum and stay informed about upcoming deals and promotions, follow them on Twitter and Facebook! You can also sign up for the incredimoms club and have the opportunity to receive products and information from incredibum!
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