Review: Prefense Hand Sanitizer

As teacher I’ve been a fan of hand sanitizer for quite a while. While it doesn’t take the place of hand washing, it’s great for use in the classroom when you can’t make multiple trips to the bathroom area to wash hands. This was especially true the year my class was in a portable building outside of the regular school building. It was a major event to all line up and walk inside together. So when someone sneezed, we weren’t all running for a sink. Instead we relied heavily on hand sanitizer. In fact, it was one of the items on our school supply list each year!

As a new mom, I was also armed with hand sanitizer. We have bottles in every bathroom although I prefer to wash my hands whenever possible when handling W. This goes beyond the benefits of hand washing to the fact that most brands of hand sanitizer reek with a chemical, alcohol smell and I don’t really want to touch my baby’s skin when my hands smell like that! I do have some little bottles from Bath & Body Works that I use in the diaper bag so I can fool myself a bit when we are out and about, but the issue remains the same.I was thrilled when I learned about a brand of hand sanitizer I had never heard of before! Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer does not contain alcohol! Prefense is made of all-natural organic ingredients and has absolutely no alcohol in it! Should I say it again? No alcohol! Yes, I’m thrilled by this one feature, but Prefense has a number of other great features.

  • Prefense is non-toxic and SAFE FOR KIDS! This is something I was concerned about in my classroom.
  • One spray lasts all day! It protects you for 24 hours or 10 hand washings!
  • Prefense also protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more. Prefense fights germs that other hand sanitizers can’t handle.

I received a 1.5 ounce bottle of Prefense to review and because one spray lasts 24 hours or through 10 hand washings the bottle offers 120 applications, costing only $.08 per day, compared to $1.20 per day with alcohol hand sanitizers. I love a good deal so this definitely appeals to me! The scent I received is called fresh citrus and it is a very refreshing scent. I wouldn’t describe it as a citrus scent though. It is more reminiscent of some of my favorite Thai dishes, so it has more of a lemongrass scent. I also like the size of the bottle as it fits right in my purse without taking up too much room!

Besides the scent and the great size, one other difference between the Prefense hand sanitizer and other hand sanitizers is that the Prefense does not dry my hands! Prefense is silica based which means it doesn’t dry out your hands like traditional alcohol sanitizers.  It actually smooths and softens your hands. I didn’t believe this when I was first reading about Prefense, but it is true!

I enjoyed my experience using the Prefense hand sanitizer and wish I had more to use in the computer lab! We go through a lot of hand sanitizer with all of the grade levels coming through the lab each day! If I was in charge of purchasing for my school, I would definitely try to find some money in the budget to supply the school with Prefense!

For more information, be sure to visit the Prefense website and check out all of the great features of Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer! You can also find Prefense on Twitter and Facebook!

Disclosure: I received products mentioned above for review purposes. All opinions are my own.