Review: Splendipity Snuzzle Me (Sponsor Spotlight)


When I was pregnant with W I often heard about how much gear comes along with the baby but I didn’t really understand until it all started to show up at our house after baby showers. Who knew such a little person could need so many things? Over the past year, I’ve come to appreciate any baby gear that can be used for multiple purposes. The Snuzzle Me by Splendipity is a perfect example with 7 different uses in one product!

The Splendipity Snuzzle Me is a reversible baby carrier cover with 7 uses including:

  • Infant Car Seat Cover
  • Stroller Cover
  • Shopping Cart Cover
  • Nursing Shawl
  • Car Seat Shade
  • Swing Cover
  • High Chair Cover

This means you only need one product in your diaper bag to cover all of these uses! That is a space-saving cover!  To make it even better, the universal cover was invented by a mom for moms! It is also 100% organic and environmentally friendly! The Snuzzle Me fits most standard car seats and is machine washable which I also appreciate!

We received the Snuzzle Me in Pea Pod which is a wonderful gender neutral color and would make a great baby shower gift! Although we haven’t used an infant car seat in over 6 months, the Snuzzle Me is made from a generous amount of fabric and I can see it working well as an easy to put on solution. It would also be very easy to use as a nursing shawl although I didn’t have a need for that either. It’s easy to see why the Snuzzle Me is great for use with younger babies.

The great thing about the Splendipity Snuzzle Me is that works great for older babies too! We have used it as a high chair cover when we go out to eat. I did have a little trouble using it on a high chair the first time I tried but once I figured out how to get W all bucked in I was good to go! I think it would work great as a shopping cart cover but I haven’t tried it because we haven’t used a shopping cart cover in a few months.

Splendipity Snuzzle MeI happen to have devised another use for it as well! Right now our jogging stroller has a flat tire so I have been taking W to the park in our wagon. Well, the wagon is not the cleanest of places to be since it is also used for yard work! I had thrown our Snuzzle Me in the wagon to try on the swings at the park but the seat of the wagon was just too dirty for my liking so I decided to try the Snuzzle Me on the wagon seat!

The hole that is useful when using the cover in other situations was a bit of a challenge but there is such a generous amount of fabric provided that it is easy to bunch up and make a great wagon seat cover!

Splendipity Snuzzle MeI will have to admit that while it works great as a wagon seat cover for us, I haven’t gotten to try it out as a swing cover because it turns out that W has now decided that he is now terrified of the swings! He used to love swings but now, not so much!

The Snuzzle Me works as well as the other cover we have and works for even more uses than I could have imagined! I am pleased to know that there is an alternative that supports a mom inventor!

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You can purchase your own Snuzzle Me at for $46.99. It is available in Pea Pod, Honeysuckle, and Regatta! Shipping is $5.95 and you can get free shipping on orders over $100.

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