Baby Can Learn at Teach My (Review)

Teach MyTeach My was founded by a Mompreneur, Christy Cook, in 2007. Christy understood that parents are some of the most important teachers in their children’s lives, especially before children are school-aged. After searching for activities for her own son and not finding any kits that were affordable and offered all-in-one packages, she created the Teach My Toddler kit. Following the success of the Teach My Toddler kit, she created the Teach My Baby and Teach My Preschooler kits.

Teach My kits offer resources for supervised educational play.

Teach My BabyOver the past few weeks I had the opportunity to play with W using a Teach My Baby kit. It arrived with all of the supplies in a plastic yellow tote that has been extremely handy for storing everything! It was all packed very neatly and there is enough room in the tote to get it all back in once you’ve unpacked! I hate when I can never get things back in their boxes! This is not a problem with the Teach My Baby kit.


4 sections of Teach My Baby kitThe Teach My Baby kit is divided into 4 different sections with supplies for education play with your baby. The 4 areas are first words, first numbers, self, and sound & touch. Each section is organized with all of its supplies in labeled plastic bags. The kit comes with a variety of items that are wonderful for promoting educational play. There are books, puzzles, puppets, and nesting blocks! W is a huge fan of the cards with different animal body coverings. He loves to touch the furry and fuzzy ones!

Teach My Sound and TouchAll it takes is 20 minutes a day to use the Teach My Baby kit! In the beginning it took even less time because I followed W’s lead as we went through the kit. It is recommended that you only work on one part of the kit at a time. All of the photos included in this review show W and I using the sounds and touch part of the kit. It is one of W’s favorites! He loves the animals and smiles when we look at them.

The sounds and touch section includes a board book that has realistic photos of animals. The animals included are a dog, a cat, a sheep, a pig, a frog, and a duck. Each page includes the photo and the word for the sound that the animal makes. W loves to touch the photos of the animals, especially the cat and the dog. It’s his favorite page of the book. He also smiles a lot when I make the sounds.

Teach My Baby kit animal puzzlesThe sound and touch section also includes 7 two-piece puzzles, each featuring a different animal from the book. At this point, I’m the one who puts the puzzles together but W enjoys flinging the pieces around and putting them in his mouth. In the future, these will be fun to match up together. For now we use them to review the names of the animals and the sounds they make.

If you’re worried about how to use each of the pieces in the kit because you aren’t a teacher, you don’t have to be! The kit comes with a guide sheet that suggests how to go through each part of the kit. It gives advice on what to say and how to play with your child to get the most benefit out of the kit!

Teach My Baby Kit Textured FlashcardsW’s favorite part of the sounds and touch section of the kit are the textured flashcards. It only took showing him how to touch each of the textured cards once and he knew what to do! He really enjoys the flashcards. The frog with the bumpy texture and the pig with the smooth texture are his least favorites but he will still feel them. He definitely likes the ones with furry textures best.

One thing I love about this kit is that everything you need to have a session of educational play is truly included in the kit. When we first started using the sounds and touch portion of the kit, we made it through each thing once and it took about 10 minutes. As we’ve continued using it, W pays attention longer and we are able to look through the book more than once. When he is better able to use the puzzles, we will definitely fill 20 minutes easily. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with him!

Teach My Baby KitOne of the great things about the textured flashcards is the text written ont he back of each card. As you can see in the photo, the pig card has the following text on it, Pigs are smooth. Feel the smooth pig. What does a pig say? Let’s find something else that is smooth. I love that the words you need to use are written right on the card! There is no way you can forget what to do with the cards! If you’re at a loss, just wrestle it away from baby and you’re ready to go!

This kit is made for anyone from parents that stand in front of a classroom and teach all day long to those who might be on the computer in an office to those who stay at home! Everyone can easily get started with this kit! It’s just that simple!

If you’d like to see everything that is in the kit, take the Teach My Baby kit tour on the website. You can also explore the other kits available on the website. Christy also has a number of wonderful articles you can read on the Teach My blog. You can also get connected with Teach My on Twitter and Facebook!

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