Review: Zookies #clothdiapers


If you hadn’t realized that I have an addiction to cloth diapering by now, it should be starting to become very clear! Sure, Mother’s Day is about mom but trust me when I say that any new cloth diapering item is like gold to a cloth diapering mother which is why I am so thrilled to have Zookies Diaper Covers & More sponsoring a giveaway as part of my Mother’s Day celebration!


When I first discovered Zookies, her amazing prints for her diaper covers caught my eye. It seems like most of the amazing prints come from WAHM and Zookies is no exception! Another great feature of the Zookies covers are that they are available sized (XS – L) or in a One Size version as well. I love the variety available from Zookies!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try a medium Zookies cover in the Fish in the Sea print shown below.

Up until I received this opportunity, I had only used Thirsties Duo Wraps and a Blueberry minky cover for use with my fitteds. I was pleased with both but also excited to branch out and try something new — especially a cover with such cute options! It can be difficult to find cute prints that work for boys!

When our cover arrived, it was packaged in a very cute manner and yes, I can appreciate small details like packaging. It just makes getting something new that much more fun!

Of course, then I opened the cover up and fell in love. The colors on the Fish in the Sea print are very bright and I’m a big fan of bright colors. Sure, the print may lean a bit towards a more boyish print than a neutral but I can picture a little girl with a red, yellow, or orange bow or flower wearing this diaper cover and taking a pretty adorable photo!

Lately, I have been nervous when ordering any sized diaper item because W’s weight and length are sometimes on the border of the limits for different sizes. So, I’ve taken to ordering the larger size when he is on the border because I would rather get something that is too big now and have it available down the road then have it be too small and never get used! With this said, I selected a medium sized cover from Zookies based on the following measurement guidelines:

  • Extra Small: 13″ rise (7-10lbs)
  • Small: 15″ rise (10-15lbs.)
  • Medium: 17″ rise (15-25lbs)
  • Large: 19″ rise (25+lbs)
  • One Size: 13-19″ rise (10-35lbs.)

I also chose aplix because I like hook and loop for the fit. I know I have said it many times before but it’s easy and user-friendly for anyone who might be dealing with W in his cloth!

I have tried the Zookies cover with both fitteds that we have currently. It fit well over both the Pooters One Size Fitted and the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted size 2. The fit was snug without leaving marks and it was no bulkier than any other cover over a fitted!

Here is W with the Zookies over over the Pooters fitted. It fit him very well and there is still room to grow in the size medium.

And a shot from behind. This is where you can see the bulkiness of a fitted with a cover. Due to the bulkiness of this kind of system, I use these diapers only at home, not when we’re out and about.

This is the Zookies cover of the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted size 2. You can see that the fitted is bulkier than the Pooters fitted but the Zookies cover still fits great!

The Zookies cover fits great at the legs with no gaping! It doesn’t leave marks on his skin either. Perfect fit!

The laundry tabs on the Zookies cover stay attached and it has not been a part of any laundry diaper chains which is always very nice. It has washed up nicely through a number of washes over the past few weeks as well. I’m very pleased with the quality of this cover and highly recommend Zookies!

Buy It!
You can buy a Zookies Diaper Cover directly from Michele of Zookies. She is amazing person to work with and I highly recommend her. Diaper covers are available for $10 – $15 and Zookies does ship internationally!

Disclosure: I received products mentioned above for review purposes. All opinions are my own.