Ryan Gosling & Cloth Diapers: What More Could a Mommy Want?

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So, my friend Sarah at Glow Bug Cloth Diapers found out that last night that I have a soft spot for Ryan Gosling. He is one of my top three favorite actors and I liked him before The Notebook, thank you very much. She also knows how much I love cloth diapering so she brought the two worlds together! Gorgeous photos of Ryan Gosling and funny cloth diaper comments? What more could a mommy want?

Ryan Gosling & Cloth Diapers

Ryan Gosling & Cloth Diapers

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    Hahaha! Those are hilarious! Don’t blame you for the Ryan Gosling love either, what eye candy he is and so charming! He was a cutie even in the Mickey Mouse Club days! But I can’t stop laughing and I love how they all start with “Hey girl…”. Awesome!
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