Pizza for 5 Under $5 with Safeway June Dairy Month! #JuneDairyMovies #Cbias

Each week when the local paper comes, I pull out the grocery inserts to see what special deals are going on. If there’s nothing that catches my eye then I usually end up going to the store that is closest to our house. Our local Safeway affiliate store, Randalls is actually one of the furthest stores from my house and it takes around 6-7 minutes to get there! I know, it’s not very far at all but it’s still the farthest! Sometimes we have to make the trip because Randall’s offers some unique deals that our other local grocery stores do not have!

#JuneDairyMovies at Randalls and Safeway stores

June is Dairy Month at Safeway stores  and affiliates like Randalls which means you can save a lot of money on all of your favorite dairy products while earning towards 2 free movie tickets to Ice Age: Continental Drift! My mom loves all of the Ice Age movies so she was excited to learn about this promotion. With the June Dairy Month promotion it is easy to save money on some of your favorite products and put together affordable meals for your family! I recently went out to get pizza with J and we spent $18 for just the two of us! I knew I could make pizza for far less by shopping at Randalls this week!

Randalls Remarkable Card helps me save during #JuneDairyMovies month!

I made sure that I had my Randalls Remarkable card so I could save even more while shopping! Earning your free movie tickets is very easy to do and you have plenty of time to do it! I did all of my shopping in one trip but you don’t have to do that! From now through June 30th, each time your spending reaches $40 in the participating items with your rewards card, you will get a code when you check out. The code is redeemable online for certificates to see Ice Age: Continental Drift which will be in theaters July 13, 2012! You can also use the code to see any other movie!

#JuneDairyMovies at Safeway

Once I was at Randalls it was extremely easy to spot all of the participating products. That was my one concern because I needed a few specific ingredients to make pizza on the cheap! The idea came me to when I found out that our favorite refrigerated pizza dough was part of this promotion. So I set off to get some of our weekly basics such as milk, cheese, and yogurt but I also got to pick up a few extra things like pudding, juice, and pizza dough! J went with me and he was in charge of the calculator to make sure that we spent our $40 to get our free movie tickets!

Saving money on must-haves at Randalls and earning movie tickets #JuneDairyMovies

Once we had everything we needed it was time to check out and get home to make some pizza! Remember that my goal was to make pizza for less than $18 and feed the entire family! Well, the pizza crust was 2 for $4 with my Remarkable card and the cheese was 2 for $4 as well! I was able to find a can of pizza sauce for $0.98 so I will be feeding my entire family pizza for $0.98! It’s one of our favorite meals too! That definitely beats spending $18 to feed just two of us! Oh, I was a bit nervous at the checkout because I had planned on spending my $40 in one trip rather than making multiple trips this month so when the receipt started printing, I was on the watch for my movie voucher.

#JuneDairyMovies at Safeway

My mom was excited when I brought home the voucher! She cannot wait to see this movie and I’m sure she’ll make me go with her. It can be a girls night out! Normally we wouldn’t see a movie like this on a girls night out but maybe if we go late enough we’ll have the theater to ourselves! We can think about making those plans next month but the one thing that couldn’t wait was dinner!

Pizza for 5 for under $5

Pizza for 5 for under $5!

All I used was a roll of Pillsbury Pizza Crust that was part of the June Dairy Month promotion and an 8 ounce bag of shredded cheese that was also included in the promotion. I used half a can of pizza sauce but you can use as much or as little to meet the tastes of your family.

Cheap Pizza during June Dairy Month at Safeway

This was the first time I had used the thin crust pizza crust and I had to prebake it for 5 minutes at 400 degrees before adding the sauce and toppings. You can see that it had started to brown up nicely after 5 minutes. It also made it easier to spread the sauce on the crust.

#JuneDairyMovies Pizza for under $5

I added the sauce and cheese and popped it in the over. I baked it for 8 minutes at 400 degrees. It’s recommended to bake it for 6-10 minutes depending on your oven and how crispy you like your crust. After 8 minutes the edges of my pizza were crispy but I knew there would be less crispy pieces in the center and those are my favorite!

Safeway Dairy Month promotions -- Make a family meal for under $5!

I did add a bag of steamed green beans because I felt like I needed to give my family some sort of vegetable. The bag cost $2.49 so it did push my overall total up over $5 but it was still under $8 and that is great for a meal for a family of 5! Plus, we have our movie vouchers which will save us money at the movie theater!

You can find more easy meals to make with ingredients you can buy as part of the June Dairy Month promotion at and on Facebook.

What would you make with participating products for June Dairy Month?

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