Discovering Secret of the Wings #DisneyMoviesEvent

Secret of the Wings #DisneyMoviesEventSecret of the Wings

Do you know the secret? I do. But I’m not going to reveal it today! You’ll have to see the movie to discover it on your own! But I will tell you what I thought of Secret of the Wings featuring my favorite fairy, Tinker Bell! And I’ll also share with you that the story touched me because of the focus on family and sisters. Finally, I’ll give you a little behind-the-scenes insight from director, Peggy Holmes!

What more could you want?

Your own pair of fairy wings! I do have some and since I cannot get W to wear them, maybe I could share!

Secret of the Wings at Disney Toon Studios #DisneyMoviesEvent

Disney Toon Studios

I had the opportunity to view the film in 3D in the screening room at Disney Toon Studios. Like the Disney Animation Studios, the building felt like a hub of energy and creativity! It was inspiring to say the least!

It was all about Secret of the Wings when we walked in the door. From an amazing display featuring artwork and clips from the film, to the familiar posters hanging from the ceilings, I felt as though I had entered the world of winter with the fairies!

Secret of the Wings Around the World #DisneyMoviesEvent

I learned that they designed different posters featuring different characters for the film. The designs were used for various promotions around the world! I had only seen the poster of Tinker Bell and Periwinkle so it was fun to check out the other artwork. They were all gorgeous and help me get in the spirit of the film.

Meet Periwinkle in Secret of the Wings

The Tale of Two Sisters

Anything involving sisters has the power to grab my heart and squeeze. Losing my sister a little over a year ago makes everything about family resonate just a bit louder for me. So I had a feeling that Secret of the Wings would be a film that I would enjoy.

Do I usually watch a lot of Tinker Bell? No, not really. Am I glad I had the chance to see this movie? Definitely! Will I see it again? Absolutely! I’m planning on buying it for my niece and I’m thinking W would even enjoy it. There are boy fairies. And no, that was not a spoiler!

Secret of the Wings Meet the Sisters

Secret of the Wings introduces the world of the Winter Woods, a place Tink and the other warm fairies are forbidden to visit. They are not prepared for their cold. And if something happens to their wings, they cannot be mended! So the warm fairies stay on the warm side while the winter fairies stay on the colder side.

Until Tinker Bell’s curiosity gets the better of her. She discovers that her wings sparkle in the cool chill of the Winter Woods. The discovery sparks a quest to learn more about her wings. That is what leads her to Periwinkle.  Born from the same laugh, the sisters bond over the ways they are similar.

They grow closer and closer as many sisters do. And in the end, they cannot imagine how one can live without the other. The two fairy sisters put their heads together, and with the help of their friends, they find a way to bridge the cold and warm worlds to bring the fairies together.

It’s the story of sisters, friends, and teamwork. Oh, and I know the secret of the wings. It’s true that family and love can solve some of the most dire problems!

Secret of the Wings Director Interview #DisneyMoviesEvent

Meet the Director of Secret of the Wings

One of the most amazing things about my trip to Hollywood was getting to interview the minds behind the movies. When Peggy Holmes, director of Secret of the Wings, stepped into the room with us I could just feel her passion for the film. It was definitely contagious and got me even more excited about Tinker Bell’s new adventure!

The most interesting she shared with us was the detail of the research that went into the movie. This is no quick cartoon. They brought in a snow expert to make sure the storyline was scientifically feasible. They brought in a twin expert to learn more about twins who had been separated and reunited later in life.

And the hair! Oh the hair! Disney brought in a hairstylist expert to make sure that the hair was as realistic as the rest of the scenery and characters. Wigs were dyed and cut as animators watched and took notes. The end result is absolutely fabulous! Oh… and some of the characters that live in the Winter Woods are named for shades of blue inspired by the frosty landscape. Perfect, right?

These are the details that made Secret of the Wings truly remarkable.

Peggy Holmes also let us know that there is plenty to come for Tinker Bell and her fairy friends!

Tell me what you love about Tinker Bell and her friends!

Formula Mom Disclosure: Disney provided me with a press trip in return for my honest review on the movies and events mentioned above. Most of my trip expenses  were paid. No other compensation was provided. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.