Baby Can Learn with Signing Time (Review)

Signing TimeSigning Time was started because one mother’s desire to create a community that could communicate with her deaf daughter. Two Little Hands Production is the company that produces and distributes the Signing Time product line and was co-founded by sisters Rachel Coleman and Emilie Brown. You can read the inspiring story behind the creation of Signing Time on their website.

Signing Time offers two different collections of DVDs, Series One and Series Two. Each series contains 13 volumes for 26 volumes in all. Each DVD is full of original music and teaches approximately 30 signs. Singing Time also offers Baby Signing Time which is designed for babies aged 3 – 36 months. It is a four-volume set that teaches basic signs related to everyday activities such as eating, sleeping, and family. To explore all of the Signing Time products, please visit the Signing Time website. You can also learn more about Signing Time on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube!

Baby signing is a wonderful way to encourage early communication and can lead to stronger communication skills later in childhood.

Baby Signing TimeWe had the opportunity to review Baby Signing Time Volume 1 & Signing Time Welcome to School. I was extremely excited to check out these DVDs because I had read all about teaching baby to sign while I was pregnant. The Baby Signing Time DVDs use a combination of music, animation, and footage of real children signing to make signing fun. I loved the diversity represented by the children in the DVD. It’s important to me that W grows up understanding differences and learning to be accepting and loving. As a teacher, I have been trained to look for educational materials that represent diversity and Baby Signing Time is great in that area!

The Baby Signing Time series was developed for children as young as 3 months. I don’t know if W was really paying much attention to anything on the television when he was 3 months old. He would look at it from time to time but not really pay much attention. So I don’t know if it would have been very useful to us at that time but I am glad to have the opportunity to use it now with W. Whether he watches and learns from the video itself, I am learning many of the signs I was interested in learning!

It's Baby Signing Time!Some of the signs I was most interested in learning were eat, milk, finished, mom, dad, and grandma. I also love that this DVD taught me dog because we have two dogs. I also hadn’t thought about want to know either diaper or potty and hurt. So it was wonderful that I learned the signs I was looking for but also learned a few that will be extremely useful in the future.

Watching Baby Signing TimeI wasn’t sure if W would really be interested in watching much of the DVD. I knew that he would watch a little because if the television is on when he’s playing he will watch it for a minute or two. He did watch a lot of the video with me but definitely played while watching it. The footage of the children caught his eye more than a few times and he loved the music. He really enjoys things with music, so it is great that the Signing Time DVDs include some very child friendly music. I really liked the music a lot and it’s one of the highlights of these DVDs.

The Welcome to School is also a great DVD. It teaches some basic signs related to school including crayons, scissors, paper, and glue. It also teaches the word teacher and the signs for concepts such as learn and remember. It is targeted to children ages 1 – 8 and provides a great introduction to school-related vocabulary while featuring even more great original songs!

If you’re interested in teaching your baby sign language, I highly recommend the DVDs available at In addition to the DVDs there are a wide variety of other products available such as books, plush toys, posters, and even clothing!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.