Soda Cake Swap

Mom Made Easy: Soda Cake Swap

Soda Cake Swap

I love to bake. Do I do it from scratch? Nope! Does that make me any less of a baker? My family doesn’t think so! They love all of the cakes, cupcakes, and cake balls I make. Yes, cake is my baking goodie of choice!

I have a secret though.

I know nothing about eggs and oil when it comes to making cake. I haven’t used them in years. But I still make some of the most moist, delicious cakes around.

My secret? Soda.

No Eggs and Oil with Soda Cake Swap

I learned this trick many years ago when I was looking for ways to enjoy one of my favorite sweet treats without as many calories or fat. I use diet soda to reduce the calories but you could also use regular soda to lower the fat and cholesterol.

What you need:

  • Boxed cake mix
  • Can of frosting (learn how to make your frosting go further and use less to reduce calories)
  • 12 ounces of soda (one can or measure it out)

All you have to do is prep your cake pan or muffin pan like you normally would. Then you add the soda to the cake mix. Mix on medium speed for 2 minutes.

Soda Cake Swap Replaces Eggs and Oil

Once you’ve mixed up the batter, you just proceed like you would normally! I usually add just a few extra minutes of baking time and check on the cake or cupcakes the last few minutes.

Using the soda cake swap makes super moist cupcakes and cake. No frosting is even needed! But I do like to use some from time to time! This is the secret I use to make lower calorie cake balls as well. By using soda and making a more moist cake, I don’t have to use as much frosting in my cake ball mix.

Easy Soda Cake Swap

If you’re looking for a way to lower the fat, cholesterol, or calories in your cake goodies, I would say try it! Just once swap out your eggs and oil with soda. See what you think! Once I tried it, I never went back!

The key is to match your soda with the type of cake. For fruity cakes or lighter colored cakes, I usually use a Sprite or 7UP. For chocolate or red velvet, I have used Coke, Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper. They have all worked well!

What cake and soda combination would you try?


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