Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Makes Music Versatile

Soundfreaq Sound Step RechargeSoundfreaq Sound Step Recharge

I have needed a speaker system for my iPod for quite some time. I use my iPod for circle time in my classroom and I also love listening to music around the house. So finding something portable was important to me. J has a small speaker system that has to be plugged into the wall. So I’m very limited when it comes to where I can place the speakers.

The Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge has changed everything for me! It features a rechargeable battery that lets me take it anywhere! I can take it to school, bring it into the bathroom while I shower, groove in the kitchen while I’m baking, or even enjoy the music while spending the morning outside with W!

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Set Up

Grambo was excited about the Sound Step Recharge system as well. She has been wanting a speaker system as well. The fact that the Soundfreaq system is so portable means that the entire family can use it! She was so excited that she opened the box and started setting it up. I loved that she had no trouble at all following the instructions and getting it working with her iPod Touch.

Easy Set Up Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge

Easy to Set Up

The system was extremely easy to set up. Once it had been charged for the first time, I plugged in my iPod Touch. Oh, I should mention that I was able to plug in my iPod while still in its case! I love that I did not have to remove the case! It’s one of the things that bugs me the most when it comes to docking my iPod with other devices.

Another great aspect about the system is that it notified me that I did not have the app to make my iPod compatible. It directed me to download the app and then I was ready to go! I didn’t have to go searching for the app or anything. And the app is free which is what I expected but was good to have confirmed.

As if the system wasn’t versatile enough already, I had the opportunity to try out the bluetooth feature. Yes, I can keep the speakers sitting on the bookshelf in the living room and control the music on my iPod while in the dining room! And if my iPod is upstairs, I can use my iPad too! I can even use the Bluetooth capabilities on my Android phone.

The Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge might be the only piece of technology in my home that can be used by all of the devices we own!

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Controls

We have enjoyed our Sound Step Recharge system. We most recently used it as a speaker while streaming a movie on the iPad. The speakers made for great sound. It’s perfect for watching a movie while relaxing in bed at night since we don’t have cable TV upstairs. Streaming is so much easier for us than renting movies too. We’re loving having great sound quality to go along with it now!

The Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge is definitely the most versatile and most useful speaker system we have owned! I have already used it more in the past two weeks than any other speaker accessory we have tried!

You can save 10% on the Sound Step Recharge and all other products in the Soundfreaq e-store using the code momblog. If you have a technology fan in your family, this would make a great gift. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the price and we will be using it as our main speaker system for the devices in our house!

Where do you like to enjoy your music around your home?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.