Sponsored: Celebrating Everyday Moments

Celebrating Everyday Moments is sponsored by American Express. All thoughts and experience are my own.

One thing that becoming a mom taught me was to really enjoy the small things. Those every day moments come and go so quickly. The kids are growing and changing so quickly that I have to focus on each day and all of the amazing things that happen. I love celebrating everyday moments because they really help me appreciate each day.

Celebrating Every Day Moments

Celebrating Everyday Moments

Whether it’s watching C discover a new toy, the smile when she masters a new skill, or getting a bear hug from W, those everyday moments are the ones I hold dear. They make me feel like a mom. Special adventures are amazing but it’s the small moments each day that I love!

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American Express has partnered with Soleil Moon Frye to share one of her #EveryDayMoments. See her share a bit about her car buying experience and how it turned into a fun memory with her kids!

I can remember the roller coaster of emotions I felt when we bought our mini van too! But we’ve been making some great everyday moments memories in it for months now!

Tell me about one of your favorite everyday moments!