Spreading the Warmth with SearsStyle #HolidayGuide

Sears Style Warmth Basket #HolidayGuide #Cbias

Spreading the Warmth with SearsStyle

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by the  #HolidayGuide from Party Blu Prints to do some easy holiday planning. The guide included some tips for making holiday party hosting more mellow and I definitely put them to use over Thanksgiving and W’s birthday party.

The SearsStyle section of the holiday guide helped Grambo and I get started on our latest gift basket. We have been making gift baskets for the family at my mom’s church. For December we had big plans for the little girl, S. We are putting together a collection of Christmas gifts for her. But we also wanted to put together something that her mom, R, could enjoy.

Shopping Sears Style #HolidayGuide


The Party Blu Prints holiday e-guide showcased some of the great gift ideas we might find at Sears. From jewelry and beauty products to accessories for fashion and around the home, Grambo and I knew that we would be able to find something to inspire our latest gift basket. We love to go with a theme each time so we were ready to find out inspiration!

Shopping for Gifts with Sears Style #HolidayGuide #Cbias

Holiday Gift Inspiration with SearsStyle

Grambo and I headed out to the mall to visit our local Sears. We love any excuse to go to the mall together. It’s just one of the things we love to do together, especially during the holiday season. Sears has always been one of our go-to stores for holiday gifts over the years. We can find great gifts for every member of the family which makes it extremely convenient.

So I was a bit bummed to find out that our closest Sears store is closing soon! Good thing we have a few other local locations although none are as close as this one.

#HolidayGuide Sears Style Gift Ideas

Luckily, our store still had all of the Sears holiday gifts I’ve come to expect. When I’m shopping for people I don’t know as well as my own family, Sears can be a huge help with the gift ideas spread out on displays throughout the store. Grambo and I both loved the holiday earring selection. But she couldn’t remember if R had her ears pierced or not so we had to pass on those.

After browsing gifts that included scarves, alarm clocks, holiday dishes, and even a glow-in-the-dark piggy bank, we discovered the inspiration for our latest gift basket for R. We decided that although we don’t get snowy, blustery weather down here in Houston, we definitely have some chilly nights throughout the winter.

So warmth would be the theme!

Gifts for the Home at Sears #HolidayGuide

Creating a Warmth Gift Basket

One we decided on the theme, I had the idea to buy some gloves and a scarf. I was hoping to find a set. But when I couldn’t find any adult winter sets, I had to change my plans. Luckily, as we wandered the home department, I discovered a throw blanket that I wanted for my own living room!

We knew immediately that the plush throw would be a great centerpiece for a basket about staying warm and cozy! It was incredibly soft and cuddly. So affordable too!

Creating a Holiday Gift Basket with Sears Style #HolidayGuide

Sears has definitely proven to me again and again that style is not all about the fashion we wear. Fashion and design extend right into our homes as well. And they always have great prices on items for the home that definitely fit my style. I’ll admit that it was hard to part with the new throw blanket. I just wanted to cozy up under it with W.

But it was the perfect foundation for a great gift basket. Grambo and I picked up a few other items when we were out shopping after Thanksgiving to round out the basket.

Create Your Own Gift Basket #HolidayGuide #Cbias

We did stray just a bit from our theme of warmth when we discovered an adorable little bird figure and a great winter puzzle. I guess out basket has a few things that represent the chilly winter weather and some things to warm the family up when the temperature drops. I couldn’t resist including one of my favorite cookbooks as well as some wintery board books for S.

I’ll admit that I’m really starting to get into making gift baskets. They aren’t as much work as I used to think they might be. And it’s fun choosing a theme and shopping for it. Definitely a fun way to make more personal gifts for they people you know. And Sears has some great gift ideas that would work perfectly in a variety of gift baskets!

I cannot wait until Grambo gives R her winter warmth gift basket in a few weeks! I hope she loves it all!

You can also save on your shopping at Sears with 20% off from SearsStyle. The coupon is good through the end of the year!

What theme would you use for a holiday gift basket?

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