Spring (Cleaning) Has Sprung with Colgate! #EasterSmiles #Cbias

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Spring is the season for getting down and dirty and cleaning around the house, right? I figured that since we had moved recently, most of the house was doing okay. Sure we have an extra room still full of boxes and a garage that is screaming for a garage sale, but the rest of the house is in pretty good shape. Okay, so I was lying to myself. Deep down inside I knew that there were some areas around the house that could use some elbow grease.

The bathroom is one area that I knew needed some work. It always seems to get dirty and disorganized quickly. Disorganized was my first thought when I decided to clean up some in my bathroom. I knew we didn’t have many old products to throw out because I did that before we moved but I knew there was definitely some room for spring cleaning!

Colgate #EasterSmiles Spring Cleaning

My husband and I each have a basket in the middle of the bathroom counter to keep all of our stuff in. They get disorganized very easily. I like to organize my every so often but then I get lazy in the morning before work and just throw things in. I knew I needed to reorganize in here. What I didn’t realize was that I really needed to clean the basket area!

Colgate Spring Cleaning

I started to take everything out because I was going to clean up right then and there until I discovered the toothpaste leak! I had obviously thrown some toothpaste into my basket without closing it all the way and it had dripped out into the basket and onto the counter below! That was when I realized that (yes, I’m about to admit this) I don’t clean under the baskets often enough! W’s toothbrush lays on the counter that the baskets sit on too! It definitely grossed me out! I abandoned the clean up project because I was completely overwhelmed!

Colgate Smiles!

There was even an empty tube of Colgate toothpaste hiding in my husband’s basket. Luckily I spotted it before I went to Walmart so I could pick up some more toothpaste!

Colgate #EasterSmiles

I headed out to Walmart to look for the Colgate Nickelodeon Easter pallet because I wanted to pick up a new toothbrush for W and some toothpaste for J and I. Once I cleaned up the bathroom, I wanted to put in the new supplies. It was right after Easter so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pallet featuring Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants but it didn’t stop me from looking. I didn’t find it but I did find a long row of carts on each side of the store filled with clearance Easter merchandise. They are quick at Walmart! I checked the carts but didn’t find any Colgate products.

Colgate Nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants

I was able to find Colgate Nickelodeon products in the toothbrush and toothpaste aisle of the Health & Beauty department at Walmart. You can see my entire shopping trip by checking out my Spring (Cleaning) Has Sprung #EasterSmiles Google+ Album. There wasn’t a huge selection but I liked that I had a few different designs to choose from when it came to the Spongebob Squarepants toothbrushes. They also had Dora the Explorer and W does love her but I figured the blue or green toothbrush was probably more appropriate. (Although I will confess that he has a pacifier clip that is pink that he uses at home because we were desperate for a new one and it was all they had!)

So, I finished my shopping and grabbed some Colgate toothpaste for J and I. When I got home, I still couldn’t handle dealing with the toothpaste in the basket so it remained for another night. Oh, I also discovered that J had shaving gel leak in his basket! There were messes everywhere! You will be relieved to know that I finally conquered the mess that was the bathroom counter and baskets. With some water, cotton swabs, and patience I got both baskets clean! I almost resorted to using W’s old toothbrush to help me out but the cotton swabs worked okay.

Spring Cleaning with Colgate

Proof that I did clean the counter and organize the baskets! It looks so much better and I like knowing that it is clean! There is even room in J’s basket for W’s new toothbrush so it doesn’t have to lay out on the counter at night. I felt very accomplished after finishing this small project. It’s amazing what a little cleaning can do for your spirits. It’s definitely refreshing and rewarding when you finish!

The next day, I could not find W’s new toothbrush anywhere in the bathroom! I had opened it the night before and though it might have fallen on the floor but I couldn’t find it anywhere upstairs! Well, that was because it wasn’t upstairs!

Colgate #EasterSmiles

W had snatched it up and was napping with it! I guess he likes his new Colgate Nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants toothbrush! There is nothing like  new toothbrush! I did take it away from him while he slept and it is now safely back upstairs for now!

You can learn more about Colgate by visiting Colgate Smile on Facebook or following on Twitter @ColgateSmile!

Do you do any Spring Cleaning in the Spring? What types of cleaning projects are on your to do list right now?

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  1. says

    I love that he was sleeping with his new toothbrush, that’s awesome! Even with your messy leaks, your bathroom is STILL more organized than mine. We don’t have a counter, just a pedestal sink and the whole bathroom is the size of 2 bathtubs side by side so we have no room for anything. I wish I could have a basket of stuff next to my sink!

    I perused the Easter sales at the Real Canadian Superstore, after holiday sales are fun.
    Kathleen recently posted..Kinder Canada’s A Joy to Share & Adults Acting Like Kids #KinderMom

  2. says

    You are NOT alone.. don’t worry! Our bathroom always gets out of control. I think it’s that one spot in the house that you are just in and out quick, but spend lots of time making a mess. Doesn’t make much sense to me – I spend too much time, but run as soon as I am done getting ready.. go figure. You’d think my bathroom was LIVED in by a monster! 😉 We have bins that store shaving supplies and some facial products. They always get that gook on the bottom. Yuck!

    LOVE W sleeping with his new Colgate toothbrush! My son carries his around the house like it’s a favorite toy.. hoping he loves it this much for many more years to come! :)
    Nicole H. recently posted..Country Crock: Clare Crespo Cookbook – Pasta Full of Posies Recipe!

  3. Nikki says

    I have a basket in my bathroom to organize my stuff, and I have to straighten it up like every week. I tend to just throw everything back in there when I’m done with it. My son makes a massive mess every time he brushes his teeth, I’m not sure how he manages it! I mean, a little mess is one thing, but the kid has toothpaste from one end of the counter to the other!
    Nikki recently posted..Welcome Ultimate Blog Party 2012 Party-Goers! #UBP12

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