Summer Fluffin’ Affordability: Buying Seconds/Clearance

In today’s affordability feature, I want to discuss the way you can shop seconds and clearance sales to build your diaper stash. You might be asking yourself what I mean by seconds. You can find the definition in the Summer Fluffin’ cloth diaper dictionary along with many other definitions. Seconds refers to second quality diapers. These diapers usually have minor defects that do not impact the functionality of the diaper. With some manufacturers the term may also refer to overstock items. Buying seconds is a great way to save some money and there are a number of brands that offer seconds.

When I was building my stash while I was pregnant, Cotton Babies had a seconds sale on the Bum Genius One Size 3.0s so I bought 3 of them. I was able to get them for $12 a piece and free shipping. I was only able to get white but for the price I didn’t care what color they were (except that I was looking for gender neutral) as long as they were in decent shape. I will admit that I was a bit nervous when I ordered them but when they were arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. I could not find a single flaw on any of them except for a few specs of dirt that washed right off when I washed them the first time!

They are holding up as well as the BG 3.0s I bought that were not seconds. In fact, I purchased 2 3.0s that I found on sale (not seconds) and I cannot tell which were the seconds so it was a purchase that worked out well for us!

There are some things to watch out for when considering purchasing seconds or clearance items. Most of these items will not be returnable. You agree to accepting them as is and agree to the understanding that they may have minor defects. That being said, I have read stories about Cotton Babies seconds arriving that were not functional and people have gotten Cotton Babies to take them back. So, I believe that companies with good customer service will still work with you if you have a valid concern over the functionality of a diaper. For most second quality diapers, the manufacturer warranty is also voided. So you just have to weigh the options and decide what works best for you and your family.

Many online retailers offer clearance sections on their sites, but there are also a number of sites dedicated solely to seconds and clearance items. The only site I have personally purchased seconds from is the Cotton Babies Clearance page. If you have tried any of the others mentioned below, I would love to hear about your experiences!


Dapa Diapers Cloth Diapers SecondsDapa Diapers offers deals on a variety of brands of cloth diapers. Some are second quality and others are clearance. The brands they feature are Fuzzibunz, Monkey Doodlez, Snap-Ez, and Sweet Pea Diapers. They also offer a variety of diaper types from AIOs to fitted diapers to newborn diapers! They even offer swim diapers. Dapa Diapers also offers diaper packages. For example, they offer a newborn package of 6 first quality newborn AIOs for just over $80! Dapa’s newest feature is a gently used section as well which is just another way for you to build your stash at a lower price! I definitely recommend considering some gently used diapers in your stash!


Cloth Diaper ClearanceCloth Diaper Clearance offers diapers that are either overstock, seconds (slight flaws), or discontinued items all at deep discounts to save you money. They also offer low cost shipping to help you save money. Some of the brands often available at Cloth Diaper Clearance include Best Bottom Diapers, Bumkins, Fuzzibunz, and Drybees. Like Dapa Diapers, the offer a variety of types of diapers. Cloth Diaper Clearance also offers a variety of cloth diapering accessories as they are available. Some of my favorites include Plant Wise Wet Bags! Planet Wise are the only brand of wet bags we use and I am a big fan. I only recently discovered that they are offered at Cloth Diaper Clearance and I may be picking one up so we have one for W to use with his childcare provider in the fall! If you’re looking for great variety, I recommend you check out Cloth Diaper Clearance as they even offer non-cloth diaper items such as Babylegs and breastfeeding products!


Cotton Babies Clearance and Seconds Cloth Diapers

Cotton Babies Clearance page is the one page I have shopped. On this page, they offer different Cotton Babies products depending on what they have available in seconds or clearance. I have seen a wide variety of products made available from the Bum Genius One Size pockets to the Bum Genius AIOS. As I am writing this post, Flip covers and organic inserts are currently available in a wide variety of colors for $14.95 each. This is a page where it pays to check in and see what is available every so often especially if you’re on the hunt for any of the Cotton Babies products. I had a great experience when I purchased my BumGenius 3.0s and would gladly buy again if a product I want pops up again!


Fuzzi Bunz Seconds Factory is Fuzzi Bunz Seconds Factory clearance cloth diapersan authorized Fuzzibunz clearance center and offers a variety of second quality Fuzzibunz diapers. All sales are final and they do state that there are no exceptions to this policy. No inserts are included with the diapers unless it is specifically stated in the description. Some of the defects mentioned on the site include less noticeable defects such as dirt on the fabric, an improperly positioned snap or label and more noticeable defects like non-matching color threads and uneven sewing. Just be sure to do your research so you know what you’re getting when you order these diapers. With seconds, there is always some risk involved!


Swaddlebees also offers discounts on clearance and second quality items from their diaper line. All sales from the Swaddlebees Clearance page are final although the page does say that items purchased from the store are not eligible for return, exchange, or refund unless they present a flaw that renders them unusable. The items are marked as seconds (or irregular on the Swaddlebees page) for cosmetic flaws that include stitching irregularities, improper alignment on snaps, fabric irregularity, and dirt. I have considered buying from the Swaddlebees Clearance page in the past but the shipping costs have always deterred me. If you are a big Swaddlebees fan as many people are, you could still find some great deals here even with higher shipping costs!

Buying seconds and clearance diapers is just another way to build your stash while watching your bottom line. Yes, you do take some risk but if you weigh the options and decide it’s the right way to go you can definitely get some wonderful deals!

To check out the items available in the Seconds/Clearance sections for different diaper retailers, visit these links regularly: