Summer Fluffin': My Perfect Cloth Diaper

As we reach the last day of the first annual (hopefully) Summer Fluffin’ cloth diaper event, I debated what to share with you as my final words (for the event because I will continue to post about fluff!). I debated doing some cost analysis, going into more depth on using cloth with a newborn, sharing mishaps such as a backwards KL0 or a fitted without a cover, or just posting photos of W with a fluffy bum! But then I decided I would share the features I would take from diapers in my stash to create my perfect, dream cloth diaper. I was inspired by the What Does The Perfect Cloth Diaper Look Like? post at All About Cloth Diapers.

10 Features of My Perfect Cloth Diaper

  1. Pocket: My ideal diaper would be a pocket because of the versatility of pocket diapers. Pockets are some of our favorite diapers and make up the majority of our current stash. The pocket would also feature elastic on both sides of the pocket opening like on our Lovely Pocket diaper.
  2. One Size: My perfect diaper would be a one size that fit from a very small size so it was truly one size! It would have a elastic adjustment system like our Fuzzibunz One Size.
  3. Inserts: The inserts would be shaped similar to the shape of the diaper so they wouldn’t get twisted up. Some of my favorites include our MiniMaestro and Best Bottom inserts. The inserts would also be all natural so we didn’t get the microfiber stink!
  4. Snap In: The inserts would snap in place once in the pocket like on my Glow Bug Cloth Diaper and in our hybrids (Best Bottom and GroVia) so they stayed in place but were still easy to remove.
  5. Gussets: I am a huge fan of gussets on my diapers and loved the ones on our Lil Joeys and Thirsties Duo Diapers during the newborn stage. Our Thirsties Duo Wraps also feature gussets. I wish all of my diapers had gussets.
  6. Aplix: Although I am coming around to snaps, we started out as aplix fans and I don’t think that will just fade away. The perfect aplix tabs would be similar to those on our MiniMaestro pocket or AMP AIO. The aplix would also be extremely durable like the aplix closures on our GroVia shells. I also love the way the entire front of our GroVia shells are the loop fabric.
  7. Trim: Like most people, my perfect cloth diaper would be as trim as disposables. I would take the trimness of our bitti d’lish for my perfect diaper. I would love to be able to carry a good stash of diapers in my diaper bag!
  8. Absorbent: My ideal cloth diaper would be as absorbent as when I use my Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo hemp inserts with a microfiber insert. They would be able to be used during the day and at night without a second thought.
  9. Boy Print or Minky: Yes, my ideal cloth diaper would be in a really great print (like our Best Bottom green giraffe print or our GroVia owls) or minky like our itti bitti bitti d’lish! Even better would be a combination of the two like in my checkered Envibum!
  10. Affordable: Of course, my dream diaper would be very affordable. I’m thinking under $15 would be fantastic!

So, what features would your perfect cloth diaper have? What brand has come the closest to perfect for you so far?

I want to thank all of my wonderful readers who have made this event a success! It has been wonderful to hear your opinions on all of the topics, so please continue to share! If you ever have any questions or just issues you’d like to discuss, I’m always willing to give my advice! I depend on all of you for advice sometimes and am here to try to help. Together we can all be successful cloth diapering families! The world needs more of us!