Summer Fluffin’ Review: Bum Luxury (Fuzzibunz)

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a wonderful little cloth diaper shop. While most of my experiences with online cloth diaper retailers have involved good service, I am especially thrilled when I find a shop owner who is extremely friendly. I like being able to feel like I can ask questions and get opinions from someone who is out to spread the cloth diaper love! That is why I was so pleased to meet Bridget of Bum Luxury.

Bridget is a stay at home mom who has also had a passion for protecting the environment and like me, began researching cloth diapers when she was pregnant. She fell in love with all of the choices available in the cloth diapering world and her new passion is sharing her love of cloth diapering with other families. She is very friendly and open to all questions and concerns as she wants to help people have the best cloth diapering experience that they can!

Bum Luxury currently stocks Fuzzibunz and Rumparooz and should be stocking Monkey Doodlez in the near future. I have personal experience with Monkey Doodlez and you can read my review of the Monkey Doodlez Bamboo Doodlez AIO.  I also have experience with Rumparooz Lil Joeys as they were part of our newborn stash and I used them in the first few days of W’s life with great success. I will admit that I had never tried a Fuzzibunz diaper although I had read many positive reviews of the variety of Fuzzibunz products. Well, Bridget of Bum Luxury was generous enough to help me take the leap into the Fuzzibunz world by providing me with a Fuzzibunz One Size to try on W.

One reason I’d never tried a Fuzzibunz diaper is that I really wanted One Size diapers for our post-newborn stash as I felt they would last longer. I was drawn to aplix which the Fuzzibunz One Size does not offer and I was intimidated by the fact that to adjust the size you had to adjust the elastic. Front snaps on the front of the diaper sounded so much easier to handle. Of course now I’m starting to appreciate snaps more and I will tell you all about our elastic adjusting experience!

So, I will admit that I was thrilled when the diaper arrived and it was chocolate brown! I do love brown diapers! Since it’s summer I’m hoping W may get to model some of his fun colored diapers! As long as he doesn’t learn how to pull open snap diapers we’ll be okay!

The Fuzzibunz One Size diaper comes with two inserts and replacement elastic. I will admit that the pack of elastic still intimidates me and I don’t know if I will ever be replacing elastic. Of course, my mom has been a talented seamstress for many years so I’m sure she could help me out when the time comes! Despite my fears, I am glad that the diaper comes with extra elastic. To me it seems like including that shows that Fuzzibunz has faith that their diapers will have very long lives. I like that confidence.

But back to the adjustable elastic issue. Most One Size diapers have rows of snaps on the front that allow you to adjust the diapers. While these are easy to use on more than one occasion I have had a snap come undone while putting the diaper on W then it’s an extra hassle to get it snapped again while W tries to roll away. So, the idea of adjusting the elastic and leaving it set until W needed it bigger did hold appeal to me. It was figuring out what setting to start him on that I was concerned about.

It turns out that finding the elastic and the buttons was a simple process, not that I had been too worried about finding them. Based on W’s weight, I went with the recommendations on the packaging and only had to change the waist elastic. The legs were already on the setting that they needed to be on according to the Fuzzibunz sizing table. I figured if it didn’t work, I would just take the diaper off and adjust it! But we go lucky and it fit great on my first try! So, I think I’m a fan of the adjustable elastic.  It won’t unsnap while we’re in the middle of a diaper change and that is a definite plus!

I really liked the way the Fuzzibunz One Size fit on W. It was trim fitting which is always nice to find! We definitely have some diapers that are bulkier than others. So it’s nice to add some diapers that are more trim to our stash.

What I love about the fit is that you can see that W’s belly is not pushed out by the Fuzzibunz diaper and yet I still got a snug fit. The fit was also good around the thighs. It was snug but did not leave any red marks. I also like that he is only on the second snaps from the center set. We definitely have plenty of room to grow and this diaper should last us for some time. I have been concerned about him outgrowing some of the rises on his diapers long before he is ready to be out of them, but at this point it looks like Fuzzibunz might be a great solution for us if that starts to happen.

I like the fit around the back of the thigh as well. It doesn’t look like anything will be leaking out. W hasn’t tested this diaper with anything more than soaking it while napping, but I’m sure with time it will face an even bigger test! Still, so far we have not had a leak in the Fuzzibunz, not even through a decent nap of about 45 minutes. That’s a good nap for W and he has leaked through diapers before so the Fuzzibunz has passed that test.

This is just a shot to show the trim fit of the diaper. Although W is just about 6 months old, he is wearing mostly 9 month clothing and sometimes with his cloth diapers, it’s a tight fit to get onesies snapped. With other diapers, I often notice that his onesie is a lot thinner along the diaper area so a lot of the diaper is exposed. In this photo you can see that the onesie fits well over the diaper. I really do enjoy the fit. It’s one of my favorite features of this diaper!

I would definitely recommend the Fuzzibunz One Size diaper. It works great on my chunky guy and the snaps were spaced well for us. I do like knowing we have room to grow and I am also a fan of the elastic now. It’s funny how opinions can change with a little experience! I think there may be more Fuzzibunz in our feature! Especially because I’ve always loved the Mac N Cheese color because of the name and because it looks so bright! I also love the Apple Green. Fuzzibunz definitely has an amazing rainbow of colors!

Buy It!

You can buy your own Fuzzibunz One Size for $19.95 at Bum Luxury. You can also purchase  6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack and save money! The more you buy, the more you save!

Disclosure: I was sent a Fuzzibunz cloth diaper for review and Bum Luxury is responsible for the giveaway prize. I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all opinions are my own. FormulaMom’s full disclosure can be found here. Facebook is not associated with this giveaway in any way.