Summer Fluffin’ Review: Lovely Pocket Diapers

Lovely Pocket Diapers is committed to providing adorable, high quality pocket diapers at a fraction of the cost of normal retailers. They want to make cloth diapering fun and inexpensive for every family while reducing the amount of disposable diaper waste in our landfills. Lovely Pocket Diapers offers pocket diapers in a rainbow of colors and some cute prints! Each diaper includes one triple-layer microfiber insert.

I received a Lovely Pocket Classic in Tiger print. The fabric is minky fabric so that was definitely something I was happy to see when I opened the fluffy mail! The Classic features a single row of waist snaps. Lovely Pocket Diapers recently introduced a new line, the Rave cloth diaper, that features a double row of waist snaps. Lovely Pocket Diapers only come with snap closures so if you’re an aplix fan, these are not the diaper for you! The Classic offers 3 rise snaps while the new Rave offers 4 rise snaps. The Rave also features double leg gussets which the Classic design does not. There are definitely some important differences in the two lines, so you will have to decide which might be best for you.

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper and insert

Lovely Pocket Diapers are one size pocket diapers, so you do not have to worry about trying to figure out which size is best for your baby. Once you have your diaper, you can adjust the rise snaps on the front of the diaper to get the best rise for your little one.

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper inner and outer

The inner lining of the Lovely Pocket Diapers is microsuede that is not supposed to pill. We have washed this diaper a few times since receiving it and it has not pilled yet. So far, so good! The design is fairly typical of other pocket diapers I have, including some that retail for much more than the Lovely Pocket Diapers!

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper inner lining

The pocket opening on the Lovely Pocket Diapers is big enough to get the insert in if you fold it up a bit. I’m learning that I prefer diapers with bigger pocket openings but only if they have elastic along both sides of the pocket. I would prefer the opening be a bit bigger on this diaper, but that is just me being picky because it works just fine! I also appreciate that it has the elastic on both sides of the pocket so the pocket doesn’t just gape open in the back. The double elastic is not something I always find in the lower priced pocket diapers so this was nice to see.

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper insert openingW is on the middle snap in this diaper so we definitely have room to grow in this diaper which is what I would expect from a one size diaper at this point. It’s always nice to have that confirmed! The snap placement on this diaper worked well for us also and I felt I was able to get a very good fit with these snaps. The diaper isn’t too tight but there isn’t any gaping either. The muffin top isn’t too bad either!

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper fit on waist

I was also able to get a good fit around his thighs so if we ever have a dirty diaper in this diaper, I’m not too worried about anything escaping. We haven’t tested the diaper in this way quite yet! The diaper left some marks on his legs, but they weren’t red. They were just from the fabric on the legs and they didn’t seem to bother W at all.

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper leg thigh fit

The photo below shows the fit from behind. I feel like this photo makes the diaper look a bit bulkier than it actually is when W is wearing it. This photo does show how well it fits around the back at the waist.

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper rear trimness

The photo below shows the fit better. This was taken a few weeks ago and the outfit is a Carters onesie that is size 6 months. At the time of the photo it was starting to get a bit snug on him and we have now retired the outfit. You can see that the Lovely Pocket Diaper fits well underneath this outfit. Many of our other diapers made it difficult to snap the snaps between the legs in this outfit but the Lovely Pocket Diaper fit well.

Lovely Pocket Diapers cloth diaper trim fit under clothing

Overall, this is a very nice diaper considering the low price. I have a number of other low price diapers and have liked some and disliked others, so it’s nice to find another diaper that falls into the like category. I hope to have the opportunity to try the new Rave diaper as I like all of the new features and the Classic has worked very well for us. If you’re looking for a very low price diaper, I would recommend trying out a Lovely Pocket Diaper. For the price, you can’t go too wrong even if it doesn’t work out for you! Plus, you can get a minky diaper or a cute print and that’s definitely a selling point for me (because I do love that perk of using cloth) that just adds to the great deals available at Lovely Pocket Diapers.

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You can purchase these diapers at the Lovely Pocket Diapers website. Classic solid color pocket diapers are $7 and the Classic print cloth diapers are $7.50. Additional inserts can be purchased for $2.50 each. Rave solids are available for $14 while the Rave prints are $12.50. So there is a definitely price difference although both designs are extremely affordable! Melissa at Lovely Pocket Diapers is offering a Summer Special too! If you buy 6 diapers, you get a 7th free! If you bought 6 solid Classics with the 7th free, they would only be $6 each!

Disclosure: I was sent a Lovely Pocket Diapers Classic pocket diaper and insert for review and Lovely Pocket Diapers is responsible for the giveaway prize. I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all opinions are my own. Formula Mom’s full disclosure can be found here. Facebook is not associated with this giveaway in any way.