Tail Towns Friends is my New Facebook Find! #TailTowns

Tail Towns Friends Facebook Game

Tail Towns Friends on Facebook

Confession time. I am one of those people who sends all of those Facebook game requests. Guilty as charged. I will say that I try to only send requests to my friends who play the games as well. They are addictive though!

I recently started playing Tail Towns Friends on Facebook and have been enjoying myself! Tail Towns Friends is a free game on Facebook (you know I love free!) and I love the country setting and adorable mice characters. It was extremely to pick up on and features familiar game activities such as harvesting and decorating!

Tall Tails Friends Setting

Come Play with Me!

I knew that a lot of people played games like Tail Towns Friends on Facebook but I didn’t realize just how many! I am definitely not alone! I recently found out that  Facebook gaming is the fastest growing game genre in the last several years. Half of Facebook logins are strictly to play games!

I’m hoping more of my friends start playing Tail Towns Friends with me. It seems like I’m involved a bit early but I like getting a head start. It’s definitely a bit different from some of the other games I have played. I love the gorgeous graphics that appear more photo-realistic.

There is also more to the game than just harvesting and planting! It features fun and dramatic storylines to progress through while you do tasks like visit friends, harvest, and decorate! I’m not very far into the game but the storylines are supposed to get even more detailed as you progress! This is an aspect that I think will keep playing longer.

Tail Towns Friends Figurine

Create the Ultimate Country Getaway

The most unique feature of Tail Towns Friends is that it is one of the first Facebook games with code registration ability! When you purchase a Tail Towns Friends figurine and register it, you receive game rewards and unlock hidden storylines related to that character! Plus, they are adorable figurines! I would have loved these as a little girl!

Each figurine rewards you with an exclusive specialty decor item that provides daily rewards. You can use it to create your ultimate country getaway in Tail Towns Friends!

So… you know you want to play now! I would love for you to come join me! You can get started by visiting Tail Towns Friends on Facebook or checking out the Tail Towns Friends blog!

Win a Tail Towns Friends figurine to get started!

Want to start your game off with a bang? Enter to win a Tail Towns Friends figurine! This contest takes place on Twitter but the winner will be drawn from comments on this post. So head over to Twitter and describe your dream garden or country getaway in a tweet using the hashtag #TailTowns. Then come back here and comment with the link to your tweet so I can check it out!

The giveaway is open to US residents and will end at 11:59pm on Friday, August 10th. The winner will be chosen from the comments on this post using random.org.

Tell me about  your dream garden or country getaway!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I was compensated for my review of Tail Towns Friends. However all experiences and opinions are my own.