Things We Love Thursday: Appeteethers (Little Toader Review)

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We are in the thick of it with teething here at our house. W has his two bottom teeth and is working on about 3 more, I think. He’s been teething since he was about 4 months old. It’s been quite a journey. Most recently, I think it’s effected his sleep schedule. He used to sleep straight through the night, only needing to eat once (and more recently not until he woke up). Now he is sleeping but waking to eat at least twice. The one blessing is that he doesn’t wake up and stay awake. Thank goodness!

Baby teeth!Teething has led me on a hunt for anything that would help W through the process. We have Tylenol, homeopathic teething remedies, and a ridiculous collection of teething rings and toys. Recently, W has enjoyed an ice-cube in a mesh feeder. I always feel bad when he tugs on his ears because I know his teeth are bothering him. Oh, the things I’ve learned over the past 7 months! Who knew two little baby teeth could be such monsters? Although I have to admit that compared to the stories I’ve heard from other moms I know, W’s teething experience has been extremely mellow so I’m very thankful for that.

As if I needed yet another obsession, I seem to always be on the hunt for a teether or teething toy that W will love. He likes to chew on everything (including my leg and knee!) but I still wanted to find a toy that was made for teething because in my mind it would help! He doesn’t mind most of the ones we have but didn’t show a preference for one over the other until recently!

Recently I had the opportunity to review an Appeteether Teething Toy from Little Toader. Little Toader was started based on the desire to make products for children that were safe, unique, and fun! I love this mission because not everything has to be serious all of the time! All of the Little Toader products are tested and Consumer Product Safety Commission compliant which makes me feel even better about them!

Little Toader

Little Toader offers three different products in their online store. You can purchase the Baby-Q Rib Appeteether, the Chompin’ Chicken Wing Appeteether, and the Little Toader Storybook PJ set directly from Little Toader. So, now you’re probably wondering why you would want a teething toy shaped like a rib or a chicken wing? Well, to be honest… because it’s fun!

We got the opportunity to try a Chompin’ Chicken Wing Appeteether and I will admit that I was interested in reviewing it on whim because they did amuse me. Little did I know that I would discover the teether that W loves and prefers over all others! From the first time he got his hands on it, he was hooked. Now it has become one of the items we keep out and make sure to throw in the diaper bag whenever we’re headed out!

Chompin' Chicken Wing Appeteether

We have had a number of people comment on the Appeteether because they are curious as to what I’m letting my child chew on. I will tell you that it’s much more fun to watch him chew on than other teethers and I do enjoy the photo opportunities! I also love that both Appeteether designs are Non-Toxic, BPA Free, Lead Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free! It’s a product I feel safe letting W use and it’s one that he enjoys. What more could I ask for? This has definitely become one of the Things We Love!

You can purchase your own Chompin’ Chicken Wing Appeteeth at Little Toader for $14.99 each!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Formula Mom’s full disclosure can be found here.


    • Mariah says

      I think W’s are going to come in groups. He’s got the two on the bottom in front and it looks like he might be getting two on top (although not both of the front two at the same time). He’s going to be a baby jack o’lantern soon!

  1. says

    hehe cute. i don’t remember using teethers with our son. he had this little duck he ALWAYS had in his mouth… and my chin… and a few of my toes…

    • Mariah says

      W loves to chew on anything too! It’s good to have some teethers that he likes for when we are out and about though because I don’t love when he goes for the edge of the table!

  2. says

    I am at the Grandmother age now and thank heaven’s haven’t had to worry about teethers for a very long time….. I think that this ‘chicken wing thingy’ as I call it … sounds excellent. Good luck all you ladies with little babies out there!

    • Mariah says

      I’m glad I discovered them and had the chance to try it! I figured it would end up being one of those things that went into the drawer but it proved to be a great find!

  3. says

    Thankfully we were never really bit by the teething bug! Teeth just appeared and he was his usual cranky self 😉

    But I do appreciate products that are made with no BPA, etc.

    • Mariah says

      W hasn’t been too cranky, just not sleeping the way he used to sleep. I do feel lucky to not have a screaming, unhappy little man. Knock on wood! :)

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