Toddler Fashion for Boys with Zutano

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Great Toddler Fashion for Boys with Zutano

Toddler Fashion for Boys with Zutano

What is this curly-headed little boy so excited about? Is it his birthday? Nope. Is it Christmas? Not quite. Is he wearing comfortable and stylish clothing? Yes! Okay so maybe that is why I’m excited. But when I received some of the latest pieces from Zutano, I fell in love with the brand all over again.

We had reviewed some pieces earlier in the year and I was impressed with the comfort level and the style of the Zutano outfit. One of my favorite items to order from Zutano are pants. They offer a great variety of soft, comfortable pants with an elastic waistband. They save W from living in sweat pants because we don’t put him in jeans much.

Zutano Fall Fashion

Zutano to the Rescue

I want W to have some style but it can be challenging. In stores there is rarely a huge variety of clothing for boys. Some of it is made from material that doesn’t feel very comfortable. Or shirts are made from fabrics that lack enough stretch to hold up against a busy toddler.

My other challenge is that I don’t want to dress W in clothing that is all about sports. Yes, he has some but there is more out there than sports! When I took the T-Rex Toddler Screen Tee out of the package, I was absolutely thrilled with the design! The pagoda blue color of the shirt is not like anything else W has in his closet. And dinosaurs! One of his favorite things right now!

Zutano Comfort is Key

When I discovered that the Dinos Toddler Hoodie was reversible, I was thrilled! Being able to get two looks out of one item of clothing is great when dressing a toddler. We can go more playful with the dinosaur print or have him look a bit more serious with just the green side out. Of course, that is if the weather would like to stay cool enough to require a jacket!

Playtime Fashion with Zutano

Comfortable Playtime Fashion

Let’s just be honest. Every moment of the day is playtime for W. Except maybe when he’s sleeping but he’s probably playing in his dreams. I need clothes that allow him to move well and are easy to clean!

After getting W dressed, he was kind enough to demonstrate just how great his Zutano clothes were for playing in! He ran around the house, rolled on the floor, and jumped down the hall. The great thing is that even if he ends up cleaning the floor with his clothes, they are easy to wash too!

He hasn’t worn pants very often lately because it’s Texas and some days still feel like summer. But he definitely enjoyed putting on the Chocolate Terry Pants and sliding around on his knees. They are 100% cotton so they are good for days that are cooler or when we’re in the house. They will also be great when “winter” decides to finally visit Texas!

Zutano Children's Clothing

If you’re looking for boys clothing that moves away from the typical reds and navy blues, I would definitely consider Zutano. They have a great color selection for both boys and girls. The clothes are durable and comfortable so both mom and toddler are happy campers!

You can check out the entire line of Zutano clothing for boys and girls at You can also connect with Zutano on Facebook and follow on Twitter @Zutano!

What qualities do you look for in children’s clothing?

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  1. Carrie Phelps says

    I bought my granddaughter an outfit from Zutano. It was high quality, well made and so cute! I also love that they are in Vermont, close to me.

  2. hedgehogi says

    I look for stylish but comfortable clothing. If its stylish but not comfy I won’t buy it. at gmail dot com

  3. Jenny Sims says

    I look for bright, fun clothes that can hold up through multiple kids. Zutano makes great quality clothes that are all those things! Thanks for the review.

  4. krista grandstaff says

    I love that these clothes are so cute, and adorable…but I also really like that they hold their colors and shape well…even after multiple washings, a definite plus if you hang onto “hand-me-downs” or trade clothes with others :)

  5. Jennifer Johansen says

    I just look for classic styles that I hope won’t make them turn around in twenty years to say, “MOM, why’d you put me in THAT?” ;P

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