Toddler Game Day with Odwalla! #OdwallaCFK #Cbias

A few weeks ago I went shopping in preparation to host an Odwalla Toddler Game day at my house as part of the most recent Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service project. Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Projects are fun ways to engage you and your community and help out children in need at the same time. Aprils’s project is the Odwalla Game Day Challenge and it involves planning a game day to collect new and used sporting equipment to donate to those in need. My life is full of many younger children and I realized that they need outdoor equipment and toys just as much as the older kids if we want to encourage them to be active! So, I decided to hold a Toddler Game Day and then donate toys like bubbles and balls to a local in-home daycare.

Champions for Kids Odwalla Toddler Game Day!

#OdwallaCFK Toddler Game Day

The day started with W helping me organize all of the toys we had. My plan was to keep all of the balls in the laundry basket and then set the bubbles around the basket to make it look cute when the other kids arrived. W thought it would be fun to check out all of the new toys and bubbles!

Odwalla Champions for Kids Game Day

Refreshments included Odwalla served in the must-have sippy cups as well as some crackers and cookies for snacks. I was excited to have the opportunity to try all of the three flavors I ended up buying for the kids. Iw as hoping that W would like the Strawberry C Monster!

Odwalla Toddler Game Day

I had a water table and a sandbox set up as part of the Toddler Game Day as well. I was hoping to wait until all of the kids to arrive to get the party started but having W helping me set up meant he got to try everything out first! It’s a good thing that toddlers don’t mind at all! As long as they get to play when they arrive, all is well!

#OdwallaCFK SIMPLE Service Project

Friends finally arrived and play time was on! There was bubble time combined with sandbox time! The weather was beautiful out. It wasn’t too humid (which can be intense here in the Houston area) and the trees in our front yard kept things shady so the kids didn’t get overheated! There were enough toys and activities that everyone had something to do although most of them wanted to do the same thing at the same time!

Odwalla & Champions for Kids

Soon enough it was time for juice and snacks! It tried to match up the sippy cups and lids so each child had a color they could identify as their own but there was definitely some sippy cup switches going on! Toddlers aren’t very particular when it comes to their cup! Toddler game day made me realize that if they’re thirsty, they will just grab the closest cup and have a drink!

Odwalla Juice

W loved the Odwalla Strawberry C Monster! I tried all three flavors (Strawberry C Monster, Citrus C Monster, and Blueberry B Superfood) and enjoyed all of them! The kids seemed to like the Strawberry and Blueberry Odwalla best and we had plenty to go around! I’m pretty sure that W tried all three flavors (from different cups) over the course of the afternoon!

#OdwallaCFK Odwalla Game Day Challenge

In addition to the water table and sandbox, the kids also had a blast playing in the new sprinkler! By the end of the afternoon they were sandy and wet but had a great time! Each child took home a ball and bubbles with them. The extra balls and bubbles as well as some water equipment went to the in-home daycare operated by a woman I know. She cares for children around W’s age so it was great to be able to help out a small mom-run business where the money is going straight to help support her family. She is the primary income for the family so any donation of supplies such as toys and activities for the kids is a great support for her!

To learn more about Champions for Kids, you can visit their website at You can also find Champions for Kids on Facebook and Twitter @champions4kids. You can check out all of the Odwalla Game Challenge talk on Twitter by following the hashtag #OdwallaCFK. Check out all of the great Odwalla Game Days being put together! To see my entire shopping trip, check out my Odwalla Toddler Game Day Challenge Google+ album!

What is your favorite flavor of Odwalla juice? What would you do for a Toddler Game Day?

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