Toddler Style with Tea Collection (Review)

Toddler Style with Tea Collection

Toddler Style with Tea Collection

Although I’m not a fashionista, I love searching out great clothing for W. Most stores have huge sections of girls clothing and just a few racks of boys. Online shopping has been great help in finding unique and amazing toddler style for W! Boys clothes can be just as fun as girls clothes!

Tea Collection offers clothing for children ages 0-12 so W can wear it for many years to come. Each season, there are more and more fabulous pieces available and I was just as excited as ever when I received some of the newest designs from Tea! I was happy with our last Tea Collection experience and I didn’t expect anything less this time!

I was most excited to try the Denim Look Pants because I love the look of jeans on little boys. W just doesn’t do jeans well. His thighs are on the bigger side so he needs fabric with some stretch. These pants were perfect!

Boys Have Style with Tea Collection

Boys Have Style

Although it’s the middle of summer, I had to try the pants on W as soon as they arrived. I told you I was excited! I went with the short sleeve shirt because it is summer but I cannot wait for fall to try the others! I love the colors on all of the pieces. I also love that they are so unique. You can’t find these at your local stores!

I might have teared up just a bit.

My baby looked like a big kid! So grown up.

Of course then he proceeded to crawl across the floor.

Tea Collection Toddler Fashion

Durable Toddler Clothing

We received all of our Tea Collection clothing in size 3. W is currently wearing size 2 and 3. His weight is leveling out but he continues to get taller. The pants were a bit too long on him right now. Pulled up a bit extra and with shoes, they were just fine. I love that they will definitely last through the fall and into the winter.

All of our Tea Collection pieces have held up well. They are durable and wash well. We haven’t had any issues with shrinkage. For me that is the sign of great clothing for children. The colors have stayed vivid without any fading. That which means they will be great to save for another child or pass on to a friend in need when we’re done.

Boys Toddler Style with Tea Collection

 Doing Toddlerhood with Style

I love knowing that W will be able to go through the next year looking great. He is extremely active and always on the go so he needs clothes that can keep up. I end up buying a lot of cheap shorts and shirts. They don’t wash up as well as our pieces from Tea. Plus when we go out to family gatherings or other special occasions, I want him to look nice.

He doesn’t need a suit and tie to look good. With our new clothing from Tea Collection, he can look put together and still be comfortable enough to play and have a good time. Tea Collection passes the toddler style test! W didn’t try to take off his clothes at all while wearing his outfit!

Get Your Own Toddler Style with Tea Collection

To learn more about Tea Collection visit their website. You can also connect with Tea Collection on Facebook and on Twitter @teacollection. They are on Pinterest too!

If you’re looking for durable children’s clothing with style, I highly recommend Tea Collection!

Are you looking for toddler style for your son or daughter? What is your favorite Tea Collection piece?

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