Traveling with Toddlers Suitcase Tip

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Traveling with Toddlers

This summer was my first experience in the world of traveling with toddlers! Adding a third person (who seems to need a lot of stuff) means we need more space in our suitcases and bags! I am a pro at rolling clothes instead of packing them flat thanks to a tip my stepsister gave me many years ago.

Toddler clothes are small anyway. Right? Roll them up and go! But W always seemed to have a lot of clothes even if we were just going to Galveston for the weekend. When we got to the hotel, I had to spend time unpacking them and matching up outfits.

Then it hit me! Since his clothing is smaller and doesn’t really save much room by rolling it up, I could save myself some time.

The solution?

Put each outfit in a Ziploc bag!

It seems so simple now that I’ve realized it. I grab the shirt and shorts for each outfit and bag them up separately. At the hotel, I can just move the bags from the suitcase into the dresser. It also works great for throwing an extra outfit into the diaper bag.

I think it would work great for girls with accessories too. Shirt, shorts, underwear (for older kids), and headband. Grab and go!

Definitely a vacation lifesaver!

How do you make traveling with toddlers easier?


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