Twyxt App Keeps Couples Connected

Twyxt App Keeps Couples Connected

Twyxt App Keeps Couples Connected

J and I are all about technology. In fact technology is what brought us together. Yes, we are an online dating success story. We met online during the summer of 2006 and we’re still together and kicking it! The Twyxt app is designed to help couples stay connected in the midst of the busy lives we live these days.

Since we added W to the mix, it has become more challenging to find time to be romantic and connect as a couple. In recent months we have been putting more effort into it and seeing results. This is the reason the Twyxt app was created. It focuses on helping couples stay connected and focused on their relationship.

Twyxt App Features

Collecting and Sharing Life’s Moments

The Twyxt app offers some great features that appeal to my love for all things social media and technology, including:

  • Couples Calendar – The shared calendar automatically creates a distinctive photo book from the messaging stream. This makes it easy for couples to save and share memories of good times together.
  • Private Messaging – The app features a space for couples to keep their messages and private separate from the others on the iPhone. The messaging also includes urgent texts and a freeze mode!
  • MoodSharing – Twyxt offers a unique way to share your emotional state without abusing the emoticons!
  • Shared Lists – My favorite feature is the shared lists where J and I can create lists together and add items to lists all from our phone. It’s a great way to remember things that need to get done or share a last-minute grocery list!

Twyxt is now on the iTunes App Store and you can download it for free. If you use an Android phone like I do, the Twyxt app will be available soon! I cannot wait to be able to connect with J using my new phone too! We might be addicted to technology but it doesn’t mean our relationship has to suffer!

You can learn more about Twyxt and help stay connected to your sweetheart!

How do you stay connected with your significant other?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Global Influence. I was compensated for sharing this information. However all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.