Eco-Friendly Fun with The Ultimate Green Store and Plan Toys

The Ultimate Green Store

My family has been making small changes to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle so I have been on the hunt for local stores and online stores that offer green products. I recently discovered The Ultimate Green Store while looking for organic home decor and bedding. We are working on giving our bedrooms makeovers and I would love to make them more eco-friendly. It didn’t take long for me to realize that The Ultimate Green Store has eco-friendly products for every room of the house and for every member of the family. Talk about variety!

Plan Toys Build N' Roll Organic Wooden Ball Track Set

We had the opportunity to review the Plan Toys Build N’ Roll Organic Wooden Ball Track Set available at The Ultimate Green Store. W loves balls and blocks so I thought it would be perfect for him. When it arrived, I discovered that it is designed for children older than he is so very close supervision is a must. Lucky for us, J also thought it was a pretty neat set!

The Ultimate Green Store Plan Toys

As you can see, on the box it mentions that the set is designed for children ages four years and up. It does have some smaller pieces but with supervision to make sure that W didn’t put those pieces into his mouth, he is able to play. I was impressed by the number of pieces that came in the set and we actually didn’t even get every single one out because there were so many! I was not quite enough of an engineer to design the track on the box but I plan to do it one day!

Plan Toys

I’m glad I took a picture of where all of the pieces fit in the box so we knew how to put it all away when we were done playing. I think this is an excellent set older children and is a great way for parents to sit down and get creative with their kids.

The set comes with 44 blocks in both natural and colored shades. It also comes with 3 wooden balls and the parts to build a windmill feature. I love that Plan Toys are made from rubberwood trees that are too old to produce latex. In the past they were just destroyed but now they are re-used to create the wonderful children’s toys offered from Plan Toys!

Plan Toys from The Ultimate Green Store

J and I managed to create a very basic ball track and I was pretty proud of myself. I really like the creative aspect of the Build N’ Roll set. It allows children to be creative and design different tracks over and over again rather than being stuck building the same path every time they want to play.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly toy that promotes creative play, I would definitely consider the Build N’ Roll set from Plan Toys. It is available for $55 at The Ultimate Green Store! You can also learn more about The Ultimate Green Store on Facebook and on Twitter @UltGreenStore!

What would you buy at The Ultimate Green Store? How are you trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

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