Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Makeup

Valentine's Day gift ideasChristmas is over along with the rest of the winter holidays so I will admit that I am looking ahead to the next holiday on the list. February is one of my favorite months because it includes my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day. I know some people aren’t huge fans of Valentine’s Day but I’ve always liked it because I am a teacher. The kids at school get so excited to have a Valentine’s Day party and their enthusiasm is contagious!

Before you know it, February will be here, so I’ve started thinking about Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Of course, there is always the traditional box of chocolates and bouquet of roses but since becoming a mother, I’ve realized that sometimes the more practical items can be turned into great gifts! One idea that comes to mind is makeup!

Although I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I do like to wear some when J and I go out or for special occasions. It’s fun to get all fancied up and head out on the town, especially when I spend most of my days with a ponytail! A little gift bag full of makeup gifts would make a fun little way to say I love you. It’s nice to be able to pamper yourself every so often.

The 24k makeup collection by e.l.f. offers some gift sets that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! When I wear makeup, I am definitely an eyeshadow fan and I like the 100-piece eyeshadow palette because it has a color for every occasion! The 4-piece Glitter Gloss Collection would also make a great gift, especially if combined with one of the more traditional items for a little twist on the conventional!

It’s definitely time to start thinking about what you will get for that special someone in your life. February is right around the corner!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, how do you like to celebrate? Dinner out? Date night? Gifts?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I was compensated for this sponsored post. However all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.